The Key to Contentment

The word “rest” was brought to my attention several times yesterday, so I meditated on this word. Then, upon waking this morning, I heard this …

“Son, many of the troubles that people experience in life come from their soul not abiding in its proper place, not being content with the order of God, even in the moment. If men rightly knew and practiced the secret of resting in Me, then they would find contentment and satisfaction there, no matter what their outward circumstances might be.

“Most people today, David, even those who claim to know Me, are not content with what they have and are constantly striving for what they do not have. Responding to soulish cravings and desires will never bring true satisfaction though. This is because true satisfaction and contentment is A PLACE IN ME. It is a place of great intimacy WITH ME and tremendous trust IN ME, which brings one into moment to moment satisfaction, even infinite contentment.”