The Inner Path to Becoming the Incarnate Word

What you have seen throughout history is that most people in the world have followed THE OUTER PATH OF RELIGION and very few have discovered THE INNER PATH. But we are now at the fortunate point in history where there is THE POTENTIAL for a large group of people to AWAKEN to the inner path and to truly understand THE UNIVERSAL NATURE of this path.

But some of us must give these people ASSISTANCE in their awakening, for it will not come about by mere happenstance or by some divine force compelling them to awaken. No. THE LIVING WORD must be incarnate on Earth, and this happens only by way of people ASCENDING beyond the influences and the perspective of the 3rd and 4th dimensions so that they can SEE EVERYTHING through the eyes of Christ.

The Incarnate Word is not a limited phenomenon that could only happen through one particular person 2,000 years ago, Beloved. No. THE LIVING WORD can embody through ANYONE who is OPEN AND WILLING to become THE OPEN DOOR by going through the INTENSE purging process which frees a person of ALL imperfections that can either BLOCK THE WORD OR COLOR IT. This processing, by the way, also includes becoming willing TO LET GO OF ALL YOU THINK YOU KNOW so that you can become the EMBODIED, UNTAINTED, EXPRESSION OF THE LIVING GOD.

Official Christianity has lost the vision for, and has even covered over THE INNER PATH TO CHRISTHOOD, Beloved, by turning Jesus into A RELIGIOUS HEART THROB who “saves” people by way of their confession of faith, but who have absolutely no knowledge that THERE EVEN IS AN INNER PATH. Somehow, I think that the “Powers that be” are behind this too. They are such a royal pain in the %&$.