The Metaphysical Portal IN YOU!

Within every human heart lies the spiritual connection to higher dimensions of consciousness. This is the metaphysical portal to divine wisdom and knowledge and morality and unconditional love, and is our connection to even higher aspects of ourselves, which are future aspects of ourselves (from a 3d perspective), but which are also fully PRESENT and AVAILABLE to us in THE NOW (the eternal realms).

Scientists today are now confirming that the vibration rate of the atmosphere of our planet is being increased tremendously. They don’t know why this is happening, but some of us do. This raising of the “Schumann Resonance” of the Earth is somehow making our return to higher levels of consciousness a bit easier. I believe that this may also be why we are now able to LEARN THINGS which have not even been taught in times before us.

With regard to the higher aspects of ourselves, through THE PORTALS OF OUR HEARTS we have access to the dimensions of the spirit world where we are truly SEATED WITH CHRIST in Unity and Oneness with God and with all others. In other words, there are immaculate, pure and untainted aspects of ourselves which dwell in eternal spheres in high vibration states of being, and we have access to them by way of RAISING THE RESONANCE of our 3 dimensional selves. When we do this, come into ALIGNMENT with these aspects of our being, we can VIEW THINGS from their higher perspective and even experience the peace, happiness, joy, divine understanding, divine forgiveness and divine love for all humans which these aspects experience continually. From their higher perspective, we can also view our circumstances and trials in this world with a sort of detachment – realizing these things for what they really are – CONTRAST which resonates with misaligned things in our 3 dimensional beings and which is coming about for the purpose of bringing these things BACK INTO ALIGNMENT with Christ.

With regard to “the manifestation of the Sons of God” or “the raising of David’s Tabernacle” (or a number of other things that I could call it), consider that when we are connected to our EXPANDED STATES of 5th or 6th dimensional consciousness while in our 3 dimensional bodies, we can speak and interact with other humans but from A HIGHLY ENLIGHTENED STATE in Christ. You might say that we can be bi-located, in the sense that we can be in our bodies and FAR ABOVE THEM at the same time – experience our high vibrational divine aspects in Christ, while at the same time guiding and controlling our physical bodies just perfectly – experience the mind of someone in a vast, infinite, limitless, and immeasurable state of being, while also having A FLESH BODY with which we can interact with and LOVE ON the world.

Are y’all getting a better picture yet of what “the manifestation of the sons of God” and “the raising of David’s Tabernacle” is really all about? Just wondering…


Because I know that I’m going to get some questions about this subject (raising our frequency), I’m going to say a few things about it here.

Most of you have heard references made to high vibrational living. Every material thing that you see is ENERGY, including you, energy vibrating at a particular resonant frequency. Your spirit-body also has a resonant frequency, and this determines many things, including the influence of this spirit-body on its environment, even its environment in many dimensions. Your physical body is also part of this “influenced” environment.

There is much to say about this, but for now, I feel led to simply get at how OUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS effect the frequency of our vibration. Certain thoughts and emotions raise our vibration, and others pull the vibration down. For a long time I’ve encouraged others to meditate, and the reason for this is that meditation is a way in which we can learn to CONTROL OUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS, helping us to maintain a high vibrational state and in this way be clear THINKERS AND FEELERS – even conduits through which God’s Kingdom can regularly come.

In brief; high vibrational thoughts are those of Christ, ego-less thoughts which are in alignment with the will and purposes (and even the emotions) of God and which open men up to the unlimited realms of the spirit-world. Low vibrational thoughts are generally selfish and earthy, are saturated with soulish emotions and are that which TIE PEOPLE TO A 3D WORLD PERSPECTIVE as well as link them to A PLETHORA of spiritual influences (in 4d) which are detrimental to not only themselves, but to others too.

That’s all for now…