The Goal

Despite what many Christians today want to believe, this salvation is “the sword of the Lord AND of Gideon,” meaning; it is a cooperative effort between God and man, man gifted with the quickening of his spirit in order to be enjoined with the Spirit (at justification by faith), and then the (co-operative) work starts, the “working out” of man’s salvation through fellowship in Christ’s sufferings being conformed to His death, the work of man taking up his cross daily and walking with the Lord in the way of self-denial, of persecution, of reproach, of physical suffering, of offense, of feeling forsaken – alone through many dark nights of the soul, and more. This is the way where one comes to “know” God in the power of Christ’s resurrection, beloved. It is the way whereby one’s life can be exchanged for Another’s, the way in which the fallen life of Adam can be fully given over for the THE POWER OF AN ENDLESS LIFE, that Life which ENABLES US to walk free from sin and death as holy and righteous expressions of the Father.

The goal of this walk of faith is for us to “know” God in the power of Christ’s resurrection, beloved. The Christian goal is supposed to be to ATTAIN TO the resurrection out from the dead (the FIRST resurrection) by walking in the way of the Cross, but this goal has somehow gotten lost, replaced by “Heaven” as the goal in the hearts of most Christians today.

God WILL have for Himself a genuine cross-carrying remnant though. May He grace you, beloved, with whatever is needed that you be part of that remnant, that you be among those who truly lay hold of that for which we have been laid hold of in Christ Jesus.

In His love,