The Gate of Ascension

Beloved, many of you know that Elijah is a type for those who shall move into the FULL REDEMPTION of Christ at the end of the age, and who shall in that place know ASCENSION as did Elijah, though spiritually. This is saying that these people shall ARISE and be CAUGHT UP, glorified in spirit and soul (and with a spiritual body) to then minister from that high and holy realm of Zion, minister IN HEAVEN and ON EARTH, on earth in natural bodies (Ezekiel 44). To those who have aspirations of ascending to this most awesome place, I KNOW THAT THE GATE FOR ASCENSION IS NOW OPEN, and it can be passed through, once one has gotten beyond the Valley of the Shadow of Death. There’s the rub.

With regard to the NEW SPIRITUAL BODY, beloved, it is being impressed on me that this is the body which CAN ASCEND. Let me put it this way; all things have a tendency to return back to their origin. When a man dies, his natural body returns to the earth from which it came, and his spirit returns to God who gave it. The natural, outward body, having originated from the earth, has its tendency TOWARDS THE EARTH, and being the only vehicle available to the soul, THIS (IT) HAS HELD MOST SOULS EARTHBOUND. What I’m saying here, beloved, is that some of us ascend into the Holiest of all IN SPIRIT on occasion, but only in spirit. Our spirit is directly connected to our Father (WHO IS SPIRIT) and therefore its tendency is to ascend back to Him. This is only the place of “seeing through a glass darkly” though. For most of us, OUR SOULS ARE TIED TO OUR NATURAL EARTHLY BODIES and therefore our PERCEPTION OF THE HEAVENLIES is very limited (it is in spirit only). BUT, when the NEW SPIRITUAL BODY is gained in the First Resurrection, THEN THE SOUL HAS ANOTHER VEHICLE (or tabernacle) by which it may ASCEND unto the Father for glorification. Beloved, TO ATTAIN TO THE FIRST RESURRECTION IS TO BE GLORIFIED IN SOUL AND SPIRIT and this is inclusive of a spiritual body which is PUT ON IN THE RESURRECTION. I imagine that there will be some sort of redemption of the natural physical body, that even that will be changed somehow too, IT TOO SWALLOWED UP BY RESURRECTION LIFE eventually, but that probably for another time. I’m hearing NOW that THE FIRST RESURRECTION IS FOR US NOW!!!

Beloved, what I’m trying to convey here is that THERE IS A TRANSLATION BY WAY OF A SPIRITUAL BODY and that this body is gained in the First Resurrection. “Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection,” for such a one has FULLY PASSED THROUGH the death and burial of the old man into the fullness of THE NEW BIRTH (the Manchild). This New Man CAN SEE AND EXPERIENCE THE HEAVENLIES JUST AS JESUS DID, beloved, and this while still fully cognizant of the earth realm. THIS IS TO SEE IN HEAVEN (THE SPIRIT REALM) EVEN AS ONE SEES ON EARTH! This is that “catching up” to “see eye to eye” and “hear as we are heard” and to “know even as we are known,” beloved! This is a place where eternal and heavenly objects that were once invisible to us become most CLEAR AND OBVIOUS! This is a place in God, beloved ones, where we can SEE AND TASTE AND TOUCH AND FEEL AND HEAR IN THE HEAVENS! This is surely the place of KNOWING GOD, which also includes experiencing the saints in light, even fellowshipping with them in THE NEW JERUSALEM.

Think of (meditate on) the Mt. of Transfiguration here, beloved, as it speaks LOUDLY of all that I write in this letter (as do many other passages of scripture).

Bless You.

— D

PS – This shall be “The Manifestation of Sons.” There is NO WAY into the fullness of Sonship, beloved, but by FULL DEATH to the old man by way of THE CROSS, and by the RESURRECTION of the SPIRIT-BODY which shall then ASCEND with the SOUL and the SPIRIT unto Zion. This is the real “rapture.”

PPS – Beloved, in light of what is shared here, I have shared just recently, I feel led to encourage you now to read Ezekiel 44. It seems that the “gateway” mentioned there is the gateway of ascension through death and resurrection, and the “prince” (little “p”) mentioned there is the remnant that shall pass through this gateway for the purpose of ministering to the Lord in “the inner sanctuary.” These which make up “the prince,” beloved, are the sons of Zadok, the Melchizedek priesthood. If you go on in the chapter, you should see how this “prince” shall minister in both heaven and on earth having put on the (spiritual) body of the first resurrection (linen garments) while still in possession of the natural body (woolen garments). Please, check that out. Bless you.