The Forerunner

There is a scenario being played out now which played out a couple thousand years ago, and this is that a God-appointed prophetic ministry is now crying out for God’s people to prepare for the next stage of the Kingdom – a modern day “voice in the wilderness” is admonishing people to COME OUT of the harlot belief systems NOW and come into an acceptance and deeper understanding of the truth in preparation for the manifestation of the (corporate) Son at Tabernacles.

Beloved, Jesus made it clear that it is the spirit of Elijah that will bring restoration to God’s children as a preparation for the coming age, and this will be done by rebuilding in the hearts of men THE TRUE ALTAR OF EVENING SACRIFICE. In this way true apostolic and prophetic leadership can be raised up which will ultimately destroy that which has kept God’s children in bondage to religion and to false doctrine, specifically, the so called “leadership” today that is in agreement with spirits that oppose the genuine prophetic word of the Lord.

In Old Testament type, this can all be seen in Elijah’s confrontation with Ahab, Jezebel, and the false prophets of Baal, and also in his anointing of Jehu (son of Nimshi) as king over Israel and of Elisha (son of Shaphat from Abel Meholah) as the new head of the prophets. The spirit of Elijah is sent (to us) because this spirit (embodied) has an exemplary prophetic character that is wholly separated unto God and therefore has a confident knowledge of His ways, and this is (without a doubt) THE FORERUNNER TO A WHOLE NEW WAY OF LIVING FOR US, beloved, in a far more glorious expression of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

I may share more about this later.