The Flow of Divine Energy

I’m going to share with you a few basic things with regard to Jesus’ statement about there being many mansions (or dwelling places) in the Father’s house. This statement has baffled many people simply because of limits of man’s vocabulary when it is interpreted by men’s NATURAL MINDS and not the Spirit.

In today’s world, beloved, most people know about the existence of energy. Most people know that energy is a form of vibration. Most people have heard that, according to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, EVERYTHING in the entire universe is made from energy. Unfortunately though, most people have not ABSORBED the stupendous implications of this discovery, and therefore, they have not made the effort to CHANGE their world-view according to the fact that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

The simple truth is that the entire universe is made from one basic substance – energy in vibration. Everything is vibration. Therefore, there are no impenetrable barriers in the world of form. Everything is made from the same basic substance, which simply vibrates at different levels or frequencies. Everything is made from energy waves, and the only difference between the highest dwelling places in the spirit world and the lowest place is THE VIBRATION OF THE ENERGY WAVES.

The true meaning of Jesus’ statement about the Father’s house is that the Father’s house is made up of a CONTINUUM of vibrations, an ENERGY CONTINUUM, and within this continuum are divisions of frequencies, and within each division there are even more frequency divisions. Each of these divisions is a “mansion” in the House of God, beloved. One such division is what human beings call THE MATERIAL UNIVERSE. Outside of that realm is what human beings call THE SPIRIT REALM, which, as you know, is divided into many and various divisions.

So. Why get into all of this? Well, I think that this is because knowledge of this can lead you into being used as A DIVINE INSTRUMENT FOR CHANGE throughout the portions of the Father’s House which are SLATED FOR CHANGE. Let’s start with the realm which most all of you are quite familiar – the universe made of MATTER. This is the world that you can detect with your physical senses, beloved. It is made of vibrations that vibrate within a frequency spectrum that makes them detectable by your physical senses. The reason your physical senses can detect these vibrations is that your physical bodies are made from energies that vibrate within the very same frequency spectrum. In other words, that which is made of matter can detect the vibrations of matter and ONLY the vibrations of matter.

Now, above the matter realm are THREE VIBRATIONAL DIVISIONS which still belong within the greater spectrum of the material universe, as they have a tremendous creative effect on it. These vibrational divisions are: FEELING, THOUGHT AND EMOTION. Consider here that EVERYTHING material is sustained ONLY by a stream of God’s energy which flows from the HIGHEST dimension of the spirit world into the material universe. On a more personal level, this energy flows FROM GOD as vibrational ether (or Universal Cosmic Fluid) THROUGH THE BODY OF CHRIST (or Universal Consciousness) through YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF and then down through the layers of THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND until it reaches THE CONSCIOUS MIND. The energy flows from the realm of spirit, or ether, and it first enters the realm of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. This is where your SENSE OF IDENTITY that you have built up by way of all your spirit’s journeys are stored. When the basic life energy first enters your mind, or being, it flows through this sense of IDENTITY, and it is therefore COLORED by this sense. Your sense of identity also includes how you see the world, God, your relationship to the world and your relationship to God. It is therefore THE FOUNDATION for how you respond to life in this realm.

After the energy flows through your identity body (or sense), it enters your mental body, or THE REALM OF YOUR THOUGHTS. In this realm the energy is again COLORED by your thoughts about yourself and the world. Your thoughts are very much determined by your sense of identity, but because they reside at a lower vibration of being, they are more fluid and can be changed more easily than the deeper images which make up your sense of identity. In other words, beloved, your thoughts can be adapted to or influenced by specific situations you encounter in this world. One might say that your sense of identity determines how you SEE THE BIG PICTURE, whereas your thoughts relate to how you UNDERSTAND the details of that picture. Your sense of identity determines how you see the world, and your thoughts determine how you think the world works.

After the energy flows through the thought body (or sense), it enters THE REALM OF FEELING. This is the emotional body (or sense), and it contains your feelings about yourself and the world. Emotions are simply energy in motion (e-motion), and they are the forerunners for PHYSICAL ACTION. So, your emotions determine how you act upon thoughts. One might say that a thought itself cannot lead to action. A thought is simply an idea, and in order to be translated into a physical action, the thought must have the two qualities that are added by an emotion. These two qualities are DIRECTION and INTENSITY. Your emotions will direct your thoughts into a specific action, and the intensity of your emotions will determine the power of the action.

The final step then is that the energy enters THE PHYSICAL BRAIN and the nervous system. It is at this level that your emotions are translated into actions, and the actions will be determined by the direction and the intensity of the emotions behind them. Of course, the direction and intensity of the emotion is determined by the thought, and the thought is determined by your sense of identity and your world-view.

You should be able to see now how PURE ENERGY streams from the HIGHEST HEAVEN and down through A PROCESS whereby it is colored by our feelings, thoughts and emotions. In a sense, we then become film projectors which project this colored energy on the screen which is THE MATERIAL UNIVERSE. I hope that you might be able to see in this how our feelings, thoughts and emotions ARE FORMING THE MANIFESTATIONS OF THIS WORLD. The material universe is created from the basic energy of God which flows through the identity, thoughts and feeling realms until it MANIFESTS in the matter realm. When you understand this basic creative flow of energy, beloved, you can begin to also understand that the lowest level, the level of matter itself, is the RESULT of hidden causes that take place at higher vibration levels. You might say that the material universe is simply A PROJECTION of the images found in these higher levels, and that it is truly no more real than the images projected on a screen at a movie theater.

When you contemplate this concept, you realize that CHANGING THE MATERIAL UNIVERSE can – and indeed MUST – be done by changing the three higher levels from which the image of this material world is projected. And on an even more personal note; if you want to change YOUR outer circumstances, you must begin by changing YOUR FEELINGS, YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOUR SENSE OF IDENTITY. Likewise, on a planetary scale, the key to removing human suffering in this world is to PURIFY the feelings, thoughts and the identity body of the planet as a whole. You might better understand now why “Creation is groaning for the manifestation of God’s Sons.”


So, basically, planet Earth currently has so many imperfect manifestations and so much human suffering because the three higher bodies of humankind have been polluted by an imperfect sense of identity, by imperfect thoughts and impure emotions. In the highest realms of the spirit world everything is designed according to (and adheres to) the laws of God, so if a spirit rebels it cannot remain in these high realms. In the material universe though there is some room given to go against the laws of God because the material universe was designed as A RATHER TOUGH SCHOOLROOM for spirits who are working their way up to becoming all that God is. In other words, God has given such spirits free will and A MATERIAL FRAMEWORK in which to experiment with His energy.


In other words, we can use our free will to focus our attention on images which are out of alignment with the principles that God used to design the world of form. Human beings can create a sense of identity as being separated from God, as being material beings instead of spiritual beings. Human beings can create mental images which are out of alignment with the truth and the reality of God. They can engage in feelings which are perversions of the true feelings of God. And when they do engage in such imperfections, they CAN ALTER THE MATERIAL UNIVERSE ITSELF and create a world with some rather ugly manifestations.

God has also set up a framework which acts as a safety valve for all of this, and this is so that men cannot destroy the material universe. This safety valve is that human beings are free to do whatever they want with God’s pure energy but they will inevitably experience THE CONDITIONS AND CONSEQUENCES of what they do with this energy. This safety valve is THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT, of ATTRACTION and that which relates to “karma.” In short; if men engage in imperfect thoughts and feelings they will produce imperfect conditions in the material world, and their creative abilities will be limited by their own creation. This, of course, is that proverbial – “If you make your bed, you have to lie in it.”

One might say that God has designed the material universe as a mirror for men’s hearts, beloved. As I have shared, it is like a movie screen which reflects whatever MEN’S MINDS project on it. Therefore, whatever image you hold in the higher parts of your mind determines the conditions you experience in the material world. If you hold an imperfect image, you will create an imperfect manifestation which can eventually self-destruct.

Since “the fall” people have lost contact with their spiritual selves and with their high level spiritual teachers, and they have also become unaware of how THE LAWS OF THE CREATION work. Men have lost the understanding that whatever they PROJECT by way of their feelings, their thoughts and their identity becomes their MATERIAL EXPERIENCE in some way. Men have also lost the understanding that THEY CAN CHANGE THE CONDITIONS of the material universe by CHANGING THE VIBRATION of their identity, feelings, thoughts and emotions, and because of this they view themselves as VICTIMS of the conditions found in this world and not THE CREATORS of the problems. Because, in truth, they HAVE created these unpleasant problems and conditions, they are also the ones who must UNCREATE them. The Spirit is now showing us how to do this.