The Finish Line

Beloved, though most Christians today are totally oblivious to it, even now there is some interaction across the veil between us and the believers of Mount Zion and the New Jerusalem (in the spirit realm). We are ONE BODY, all ALIVE in Christ and working TOGETHER to bring forth the will and purposes of the Father. We are of ONE SPIRIT, the Holy Spirit, Who works in and through us ALL, often choosing to use our distinct and different personalities in the work of Spirit and Truth.

Now, I suspect that the veil between some of us and the saints of Mt. Zion and New Jerusalem is going to become thinner and thinner in the days ahead, this as we become more and more purified in spirit. This “interaction” that I am describing IS NOT spiritism or necromancy, but rather it is simply BODY COMMUNION between the LIVING saints of the Most High. This type of communion does not take away from a person like spiritism and necromancy does, but rather IT ADDS AND EDIFIES, this because IT IS THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (though it be done through purified spirits).

GOD LOVES TO WORK THROUGH PEOPLE. With this in mind, beloved, keep in view here what transpired between Jesus, Moses, and Elijah on the Mt. of Transfiguration, as it seems that Jesus was somehow strengthened and encouraged by Moses and Elijah there in preparation for what was coming (the Cross). We too may need some help and strengthening from the saints in light for the cross ahead for us, beloved.

Now, it is my understanding, dear friends, that what I am describing is the interaction and co-work of ” the sons of fresh oil,” the “2×144,000” which are mentioned in many ways in Bible prophecy and who SHALL RULE AND REIGN TOGETHER IN CHRIST over the next 1000 years, until the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our God and His Christ, until ALL ENEMIES of the Lord are put under the FEET OF THE BODY OF CHRIST (even the last enemy – death). I believe that this is when “those who are alive and remain (on earth) shall be changed (transfigured), beloved, them then CAUGHT UP into the glory of the resurrection with their brethren, them meeting with the Lord in “the air” then (Greek – “aera,” which bespeaks of the EARTH REALM) and THERE them “ever being with the Lord.”

Beloved, all of this is saying that some of us are now ascending to Mt. Zion and New Jerusalem in spirit so that together with the saints in light there we can work to bring the New Jerusalem to Earth. GOD’S KINGDOM IS COMING HERE, dear friends, to be ON EARTH as in Heaven, HEAVEN AND EARTH AS ONE! This is the Plan! The Gospel has never been about the GOING of the saints to Heaven (why men teach that, I don’t know) but of their coming into LIFE in HEAVENLY PLACES (the spirit realm) and then them BRINGING THAT LIFE TO EARTH!

Beloved, I have been locked away for weeks now with little to no release to do anything but wait in the Father’s presence, hear what He has to say, and to then share what I have heard. I know that this has to do with strengthening certain saints for the “last leg of the race.” It seems to me that some people will run harder and stronger when they can SEE what they are running towards (for). So, may God bless you in your vision! There is a FINISH LINE just ahead for you, beloved, SO RUN HARD!