The Feast of Jeroboam

I’m going to try to be rather brief with this. I will start by saying rather bluntly here that even many “sonship” aspirants today are worshiping a golden calf, even celebrating a phony feast, not the true Feast of Tabernacles. We might call this phony feast “The Feast of Jeroboam.”

Without going into much detail on this here, let me just say that God is building something very awesome in our day — a dwelling place for Himself, and He gives vision for this building project through understanding and celebration of the true Feast of Tabernacles. I say, “true Feast of Tabernacles” because there is an Old Testament allegory which reveals there to be an impostor of this glorious feast, a phony. This allegory can be found in the story of king Jeroboam; a type of the spirit of Antichrist working through the selfish desires of men, even in and through the hearts of Christians who are not really willing to live the sacrificial life.

The short of this is that king Solomon was greatly blessed of the Lord in his day but he did not follow fully after God as did his father David. Solomon’s wives turned away his heart after other gods and he built high places to worship those gods, so the Lord said that He would tear the kingdom from Solomon and give it to one of his servants. The Lord promised to leave Solomon one tribe for David’s sake, though. So after Solomon died, Jeroboam, Solomon’s former servant, was raised up to be the king over ten tribes in Israel, while Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, was given reign in Jerusalem over the house of Judah and Benjamin.

Now, king Jeroboam was afraid that if the Israelites went up to do sacrifice in the house of the Lord at Jerusalem to keep the feasts, their hearts would turn again unto Rehoboam. Jeroboam feared that the end result of this would be that he could be dethroned or even killed. So, Jeroboam took counsel with men who didn’t want to lose their jobs (or their heads) and they all came up with a plan, something that would trouble Israel for many generations. This plan was for Jeroboam to make two calves of gold, something that the people could worship “in Bethel and Dan,” and something that would prevent them from going to Jerusalem to celebrate the true Feast of Tabernacles (representative of the sacrificed life).

Now, this topic deserves much attention, but because I have to keep my comments short here, I will just say that Jeroboam’s establishment of a phony feast is representative of the selfish and idolatrous thinking in much of the church today. The golden calves in Bethel and Dan can represent for us the things that we worship and then try to justify as true and right Christian living. The calves represent the lie that we don’t really need to go all the way “up to Jerusalem to sacrifice.” They represent the things that keep us from the sacrificed life which leads us into the power and the glory of the resurrection.

Beloved, Satan, just as Jeroboam, has devised a counterfeit feast to keep you from entering into the fullness of your inheritance. Please, do not be ignorant of his devices, and please, ask the Lord to identify for you what golden calves may even now be in place which are keeping you from truly living the sacrificed life.

Now, this that I am about to say is probably going to make some people squirm a bit…

I dare to say here that even our “Christian” meetings and conferences can be golden calves. Yes, I believe that they can. I say this because we can host those and attend those and in those meetings talk and talk about the sacrificed life in Christ while never actually truly living it. Yeah, like Jeroboam’s Feast, our meetings can be safe and comfortable and can SEEM SO RIGHT, yet all the while they too can be an impostor of the true reality of the Lord and His desire for His disciples today.

Beloved, even as in the day of Ezra and Nehemiah, a remnant of the “church” today is being called out from all captivity and deception to rebuild the Lord’s true temple in Jerusalem. I reference Ezra and Nehemiah here now because in that day a remnant of the church realized that the Feast of Tabernacles was not being celebrated as it should be. Beloved, for us this means REALLY living as sacrifices unto God for the benefit of people without regard of personal cost. We have had lots and lots of good meetings and teaching over the years, and I am truly grateful for all of that, but I now know in the deepest part of my heart that that alone is not going to bring us into the glory that so many of us hope for.

Beloved, do you really think that church meetings, diligent bible study, and times of prayer are going to bring us into the fullness of Tabernacles? Do you think that we just need to do that stuff until the clock ticks a certain hour and then we will just be swept-up on into the glory? Or could it be that there needs to be an actual experiential reaching out to help people, providing for their needs, loving on them, actually BEING CHRIST in the earth to them? Might it be, beloved, that the “Manifestation of Sons” that so many people today are waiting for is actually dependent upon a people RISING UP IN FAITH whereby they STEP OUT of their comfort bubbles that they have created for themselves and STEP ON INTO THE LIFE of which THE CROSS speaks?

This is a hard word for many really nice people. I know that it is. But I think that this really needs to be said, for I think that even most “Sonship” aspirants today do not yet realize just how far they’ve slipped away from the true cross-carrying disciples’ life.

Beloved, if nothing else, after reading this, please just pray and ask God to identify just what it might be that you’ve been worshiping (even in the name of the Lord) which could be keeping you from TRULY celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles. I’m going to do the same.

Bless you.