The Eye of Faith

I shared that FAITH is the substance of things prayed for, the (natural) evidence not yet seen. I’ve put the word “natural” in there because to the one who walks with God in faith there is an evidence which IS SEEN, seen with THE EYES OF UNDERSTANDING. What I’m saying, beloved, is that the walk of faith is a walk with sight of a much greater kind, that with THE EYE OF FAITH we can see things far more glorious than any natural eye can see. I’m saying here that the things that we pray for are NOT to be as blind stabs in the dark, but rather, ARE TO BE A WITNESS OF WHAT WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN! To paraphrase some words of Jesus, He essentially said, “I do nothing on My own initiative. I do only what I am shown by my Father to do, and I judge only as I hear from My Father to judge.” Now, that’s walking, beloved, not walking blindly, but walking by THE EYE OF FAITH!



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