The Eternally Creating Creator

Beloved, I have attempted of late to write about how God creates everything out of His own Being and consciousness, and I am going to attempt to explain here just why He does this.

God is not what human beings envision Him to be. Most human beings have built an idolatrous image of who God is. They think that God is almighty and perfect (which He is), and that because He is perfect He must also be COMPLETE with no desire to grow or expand. But this is a fallacy which springs from the consciousness into which human beings have descended.

3d (and most 4d) consciousness gives people a DISTORTED VIEW of the nature and reality of God, and this is why our consciousness must be RAISED in order to get to know Him. The truth about God is that He is indeed perfect, but not according to A HUMAN STANDARD. God is not static or stationary. He is not something that can be fixated, and the reason I say this is because HE IS THE ETERNAL CREATOR WHO IS ETERNALLY CREATING.

Beloved, God has a dual nature, in that one aspect of Him is the state of PURE BEING, and this state is indeed completely WITHOUT CHANGE because it is completely WITHOUT FORM. The other aspect of God is that of THE SUPREME CREATOR, the nature of which is for Him to create that WHICH HAS FORM. This is the aspect of God who is ALWAYS CHANGING, beloved. He is not an old man with a white beard sitting on a great throne somewhere in Heaven, but He is more like A RIVER that is always flowing, a PROCESS even, a process of GROWTH and of SELF-TRANSCENDENCE.

So, how does God grow, how does He possibly transcend himself? Well, He grows by CREATING WORLDS AND UNIVERSES OUT OF HIMSELF, out of His own BEING and CONSCIOUSNESS. He creates by encapsulating His own consciousness and Being even WITHIN FORM that has LIMITATIONS and which exists in a limited state, such as the TIME AND SPACE domain of which you and I are now pretty well immersed.

What I’m attempting to get at is that THE ESSENCE OF CREATION is that Creation is AN EVER-MOVING PROCESS which was never meant to be STATIC AND UNCHANGING, but rather meant to EVOLVE and GROW and TRANSCEND itself. And, what is the purpose of this growth and transcendence? It is so that God’s creation will grow into realizing from where it came, namely that it is AN EXPRESSION of.. and A MATERIALIZATION of.. and AN INDIVIDUALIZATION of God Himself, and then after that realization to also realize that it has the potential to become ONE again with the Creator. Not one in the sense that it is swallowed up in Him and disappears, but one in the sense that it becomes a CO-CREATOR with Him in the never-ending process of creating.

And so, to this end (of which there really is no end), even we are AWAKENING from a descended state where we have lost our awareness of WHO WE ARE and from WHERE WE CAME and to what our PURPOSE AND POTENTIAL is in God, this awareness loss being ONLY TEMPORAL because the consciousness of God Himself is embedded within our very being.