The Elijah/Jezebel Tension

Having mentioned Elijah and the prophetic work that is at hand to assist people in the rebuilding of the altar of evening sacrifice in their lives, I cannot help but also mention here the antithetical spirit which is working ferociously today against this. While Elijah represents to us the prophetic voice of heaven and the call to a change of thinking and to the rebuilding of the sacrificial altar in our hearts, Jezebel, on the other hand represents a unique principality of Satan whose purpose is to silence the work and word of the prophets by diminishing in the sight of others both the prophetic word and the prophets themselves.

I intended to share some things here about those who are spiritually united with Jezebel and who are unwittingly being used by this spirit, but I think that it might be best for those who are interested to do some digging on their own. I will say that while we must be compassionate toward those captured by this spirit, the scriptures reveal (in Jehu) that we are to have no mercy for, or tolerance toward this wicked demonic entity. I will also say that it is significant for us that eunuchs were used to cast Jezebel down in the day of Elijah, and this is because those who have been emasculated and made slaves to this evil spirit MUST be instrumental in its undoing.

Along these lines, many of you reading this have the privilege of participating in the eternal judgment of this spirit and in casting it down from a position of power in the lives of people who you know and love. If you intend to engage in warfare against this thing, please remember that its power largely resides in its ability to SILENCE your spiritual authority in Christ by quieting your voice. It does this in a lot of different ways. This means that though you must repent for any submissiveness on your part toward this spirit, you also must learn to SPEAK against its influence in your life. What I’m saying, beloved, is that you have authority in Christ to fully deal with the influence of this thing in your family, your church fellowship and even your own soul, but you must learn to OPEN YOUR MOUTH and speak the anointed word of God against this thing.

That’s all that I’ve got to share about this for now. Please pray to see how all of this effects you, and pray about what to do if it is revealed that this spirit is working powerfully in your midst. This is all far more prevalent than most of you imagine. I’m willing to help anyone in any way that I can with this. This spirit has been a pain in my @&$ for as long as I can remember. Enough is enough.