The Cosmic Mirror

Wonder when your struggles are going to end? Well, consider this. I’m going to share a little bit here about how the 3D world “Law of Attraction” works in relation to your God-given creative abilities…

The material universe is an energetic mirror, which means that whatever we send out (vibrationally), the universe must reflect back to us. In other words, when we take on a certain role in the 3d world play, the universe thinks that we want to experience the outer conditions which correspond to the role. For example; if we feel like a victim of life or a victim of outer circumstances, the subconscious message that we are sending into the cosmic mirror is that we want to experience what it is like to be a victim. The more victimized that we feel and the more frustrated that we feel, the more the universe interprets that as: “Oh, he wants to experience even more of a struggle, he wants to be victimized and feel more frustrated.”

Why does the universe interpret things in this way? Well, largely because the cosmic mirror has absolute respect for our freewill and for our God-given creative abilities. So, as long as we are in a specific role, let’s say, the identity of being the victim, the universe can only interpret the vibrations that are related to that in one way, namely; that we are not done yet playing the part of a victim and that we still want to experience what it is like to be a victim.

Naturally, the universe gives us what we want, and it will continue to do so, even accelerate it, until we finally come to the point where we take responsibility and say: “Okay. I have been a victim for a long time, but it was because I made choices (even with my heart and emotions) which caused me to enter into that victim consciousness. I took on that part. I put on that costume. But I’ve had enough of it!” It is then that we decide that we will no longer play that part.

Let me assure you, Beloved, the universe is based on freewill and with respect for your ability to create with your thoughts and your emotions (like Elohim), which means that whenever you decide that you have had enough of something, you are free to “leave the theater,” to quit and say: “Enough of this!” You have many spiritual influences though that are doing everything that they can to make youbelieve in the lie that you do not have control over these things, but you do – it is written into the laws of this 3D world because of the “likeness and image” creative abilities that were given to man’s spirit “in the beginning.”