The Consciousness of Oneness

This is jumping in on the coat-tails of another message (which didn’t get posted on the website), but there’s a lot to glean from here so I’m putting this one up. — D

With regard to a recent e-mail, I have shared with a brother that in the context that I have used “self aware beings” and “self-awareness,” the intended meaning is of sentient beings (thinking and feeling individuals) who are coming OUT of a selfish state of consciousness and into a state of consciousness that is undivided from the reality of the formless God – coming into that place of Oneness that is found only in the upper realms in Christ.

I’ve taught for years and years and years about the importance of the cross-walk and of DEATH to self, so for someone to imply that I’m leading people astray and that people/disciples of Christ should be seeking “God-awareness” not “self awareness,” well, that clearly shows that some people are missing the point of this message entirely – which leads me to another point…

First off; let me just say that Anti-christ is, in its essence, A STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS that is separated from the undivided and indivisible reality of the formless God, that it is a house divided against itself, in that it is divided by the inescapable polarity between two opposites, such as true and false, right and wrong, good and evil and an almost infinite array of other polarities that it defines in order to camouflage and thus sustain itself.

This, of course is THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF DEATH which is the result of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and it is THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF POLARITIES which rules the thought systems of this world (which includes most all “Christian” thought too, by the way). The polarities that people call “good” and “evil” have no reality in the mind of God, for both are defined by the mind of separation and can exist only in relation to each other. In other words, they are relative concepts that exist only in the world of RELATIVITY and not in the world of REALITY (the upper realms of the spirit world). Thus, one cannot exist without the other, despite the claim that one relative polarity will one day eradicate the other. If it were indeed possible for one relative polarity to eradicate the other, it would eradicate itself in the process.

And so, it is the mind of Anti-christ that believes that it is capable of and has the right to define right and wrong, true and false, God and the devil. CHRIST does not bring a definition of truth in this way (as so many Christian people have been led to believe). Christ is the consciousness that urges people to look beyond their current image of truth and to continue to do so until they experience the full meaning of Jesus’ statement; “God is Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in the Spirit of Truth.”

And here’s the point that I’m led to get at now which relates to paragraph #2 above: Consider here that genuine Spirit and Truth is beyond any worded expression of “truth,” and this is why worded expressions that are proclaimed to be full truth always bring conflict as an inevitable consequence of their expression, and, to be quite frank, this conflict is a primary weapon used by the forces of Anti-christ to enslave people and keep them trapped in the ongoing epic struggle which feeds their light and life-blood to the forces of Anti-christ (yeah, that energetic parasitism stuff again). Which leads me to another point…

We have a situation on earth today where the majority of Christians think that their religious affiliation or their doctrine somehow guarantees their salvation, and the result of this is that they have closed their minds to the reality of Christ. In fact, most Christians today are as closed-minded as most people were at the time of Jesus, meaning; they are likely to reject the reality of Christ and cling to the unreality of Anti-christ, something that they firmly believe represents Christ, and because of that they are convinced that relativity is reality.

Beloved, it is the mind that is trapped in the maze of Anti-christ that must encounter Christ in a form that it can grasp, which is precisely why there is such outreach to Christians today and an unction to challenge them to think outside of the mental box that is created by the dualistic, Anti-christ thought system.

I have a whole lot more to say about this, but I’ll save it for the next e-mail(s)…