The Consciousness of God

I think that we’d all be dumbfounded if we were presented with deep insight into to the vastness of our heavenly resources and the massive amount of creative energy that is available to us to work through us on the material plane. As I have shared, the physical plane, or the plane of the natural senses, is just a shadow or faint imitation of spiritual realities in a higher vibration existence, and as we grow and mature in knowledge and in wisdom and intimacy with our Spirit-family, our work will show forth the laws and the principles of their much higher kingdom.

Beloved, though our natural senses try to steer us another way, we are to live and breathe entirely from the plane of SPIRIT to create things anew from the very center of all life and to make one the kingdom of the earth and the kingdom of heaven. We are not to think of ourselves and the universe that we behold with our natural eyes as real, but we are to enter into THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD, the only reality, and thereby be awakened to the knowledge of a life that ever progresses through many dimensions and worlds until all spirit-beings are fully awakened in God’s likeness, and also be awakened to the knowledge that when this consciousness permeates the whole of the human race in the earth, the whole of this planet will be lifted to a higher plane of existence, for prosperous growth on every level EVERYWHERE stems from divine consciousness.

This all said, thank God for your NOW, dear friends, and live in it knowing that you have been, and you will be, forever, and that your present condition and circumstances (no matter what they might be) are OPPORTUNITIES for your spiritual advancement. If you look at EVERYTHING in this way, and you co-operate with the Spirit to the best of your ability in all that you go through (not exercising your independence), you’ll do quite well – you’ll advance rather quickly.