The Compass

“Reality” came up in a conversation with a friend the other day, and I shared that there are so many disagreements or debates today about what is real because a person’s “reality” and understanding is relative to his or her perspective or “vibrational state.” Along these lines, I’ve said some things in the recent past about us being in preparation for a greater “multidimensional experience,” and I propose to you here that this experience is not only about seeing into and perhaps even ministering in different realms or dimensions, but it is also about having MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNDERSTANDING. In other words, beloved, it seems to me that the time is at hand for quite a few of us to recalibrate our earthly values to the extent that we can wholeheartedly pursue that which leads to the world changing effluence of CREATIVE AND PROPHETIC ENERGIES. Man’s schismatic religions and science have  clearly FAILED, and it is time now for these things to start giving way TO FAITH and TO THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL REALITY AND UNDERSTANDING OF GOD’S SONS as the only compass for true knowledge among men.