The Bottles

A Testimony

I was led to the city yesterday (Rochester), and into a couple of divine appointments. One of these meetings was a very brief one, but seemingly a rather fruitful one. I’ll share about that one here …

I had just finished meeting with someone on the street and was walking on down a sidewalk, when a homeless man carrying a bag with some bottles in it passed by me on my left. This man was moving in the opposite direction to the way that I was going. I felt no leading to say anything to him at the time, but I did stop, and I then watched this man and prayed for him as he walked away from me on down the sidewalk.

I knew that the Lord somehow wanted me to get involved with this man, but I needed some direction from Him on how to do that. I asked the Lord, “Please have this man stop, Lord, if you would like for me to catch up with him and speak with him.” Right then the man stopped. I then saw him walk over to a bike that was parked on the side of the sidewalk. This bike had a basket on the back of it and this basket had some empty bottles in it that someone had apparently been collecting to return to a store for some money. The owner of this bike seemed not to be around. I saw the man with the bag then take some bottles from the basket on the bike and put them in his bag. He took what looked to me like four or five bottles and he then proceeded on down the sidewalk again. The Lord released me then to catch up with this guy to talk with him.

I met this man on the next street corner as he stopped there waiting for a traffic light to change. I said to him, “How are you doing?” He said “Ok.” I then said, “I saw you take some bottles out of the basket on that bike.” He nodded his head, and then with a convicted posture he said to me, “I did.” I then said, “Look, why don’t you go and put back what you took from the bike. I will bless you if you do that.” He then looked me in the eye and said to me “Ok, I will.” I then took $10 out of my wallet and put it in this fellow’s hand. The Lord then had me say, “This is all about the kingdom of God, my friend. This this about God’s grace toward us all, and about His desire for us to be kind and considerate toward one another.” I then simply turned and went my way.

I walked about a half of a block and then I felt led to turn and look back over my shoulder. What I saw then was this beloved man not only putting back the 20 or 30 cents worth of bottles that he had taken from the basket on the bike, but he was emptying his entire bag of bottles into the basket on the bike!. Yeah, this man (I never did get his name) was giving away all of the bottles that he had collected! I then turned around again and went my way (with a rather big smile on my face, I might add).

Beloved, I encourage you to be kind and generous to others, and to be sensitive to their needs. This sort of thing is contagious. Myself and those who travel with me often see people do for others just as we have done for them. This is really a beautiful thing to see, and is surely of God’s Kingdom.

Y’all be blessed. — D