The Body of the First Resurrection

It is my understanding that in Christ there are “celestial (heavenly) bodies” even as there are “terrestrial (earthly) bodies,” and that these are VEHICLES for the realms that spirits inhabit. With regard to the celestial bodies, it appears that these bodies vary in glory, this again dependent upon THE REALM that a spirit inhabits (or has attained to).

With regard to the bodies of Zion and of the New Jerusalem, the Mount of Transfiguration gives us a glimpse into the spirit realm and of a pure and fine robe (body) that Jesus was wearing. There is described a gleaming body, one made up of a diaphanous light, and one that I believe WE CAN PROGRESSIVELY PUT ON NOW as we work out our salvation with a fearful sense of awe and responsibility.

It seems to me, beloved, that FULL ASCENSION into Zion or New Jerusalem CANNOT BE DONE without one fully putting on THE BODY OF THE RESURRECTION. This is saying that one cannot STAND BEFORE THE THRONE IN ZION without one’s mind being fully renewed and thereby the establishment of a pure and undefiled nature be fully worked within (this is “virginity” in Christ). This is also saying that those who do not ATTAIN to such a place must abide in realms of a lower degree until they too can fully put on THE BODY OF THE RESURRECTION (oh, I know, there goes the “sweet-by-and-by” again).

Now, I’m not talking about the bodies of the resurrection which shall happen at the END of the Kingdom age here, but of a CELESTIAL RESURRECTION BODY which is available to us NOW! I’ve said some things about “the other side of the veil” recently, but let me add here that SPIRITUAL ZION, THE PLACE WHERE THE TABERNACLE OF DAVID WILL AGAIN BE RAISED UP, is a place that we are to be pressing for NOW, and is a place that CAN BE ATTAINED TO NOW, though this be a very rare thing for one to attain to in his or her lifetime.

Dear friends, I feel to close this, but not without first saying that God has chosen and has ordained for a group of overcomers to sit with Him in His throne as kings and priests after the order of Melchizedek. It seems to me that these are they (the 144,000) who shall be raised up as the Tabernacle of David in the earth, and are they (the 144,000) who stand with him even now on heavenly Mount Zion on the other side of the veil, both of these groups made up of those who have (or will have) SUFFERED WITH THE LORD (to the end of themselves) and who thereby will also REIGN WITH HIM for the ages. These who I describe here, beloved, are they who follow (and will follow) THE LAMB wherever He goes, these not having defiled themselves with the treacherous harlot religious systems but instead were (and are) faithful to COME OUT from the blasphemies and idolatries and corrupt doctrine of Mystery Babylon when they were (and are) called to do that. This that I have been describing of late, beloved, is the ONLY WAY that I know of to be found “without guile in one’s mouth nor any fault before the Throne,” to stand there even CLOTHED IN THE BODY OF THE RESURRECTION!

With these things in mind, friends, please also consider that in the mount of Transfiguration account, Moses and Elijah can represent one of these (144,000) groups, and Jesus can represent the other (even the Tabernacle of David). If you’d like a little more information about this (these “288,000”), you can find that here — The Lord’s Army — and here — Two X 144,000 — and here — The Finish Line.

Bless you.