The Big Shift

The whole world is in a process of being changed, so that it too may transition into its NEXT PHASE of evolution. You can call this a shift into the “Kingdom Age” or the “Age of Tabernacles” or the “Age of Aquarius” – whatever. It doesn’t matter what you call  it. What matters most is that you are WELL PREPARED for the shift by co-operating with the Spirit in everything that you go through.

Because disharmonious feelings, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and actions resonate with the lower dimensions of consciousness, it is important for us to DIVEST OURSELVES of any disharmonious habit patterns or qualities that we have picked up in our lifetimes as  humans in physical bodies so that we may consciously DWELL in the Christ realms

And so, TRIBULATIONS must come to bring out INTO THE OPEN any disharmonious vibrations that we may unconsciously hold in our spirit-bodies. It is important during this process that we be honest and open before God and be fully willing to agree with  Him when something that is out of alignment with Christ is revealed to us. In other words, this is NOT a time to try to justify our position or make excuses for even the slightest vibration in us that is misaligned.

The qualities, attributes, and abilities accrued by the 5th dimensional consciousness of some people is already having a rather profound effect in this world in certain ways, however, there is a whole lot of shaking that must happen for the earth to move into its full transition,  and this is where “tribulations” on a more global scale come into the picture. We are in the beginning phases of God’s divine plan for ALL PEOPLE to come to “seek the Lord” (I could quote scripture here, but I won’t), and the tribulations mentioned can provide the desire, the awareness, the impetus and the motivation for people to make  the required personal changes.

Physical, outer world tribulations can have the effect of causing the attention of humankind to be refocused on the more abstract and spiritual, and so, fiery trials are going to be manifesting more and more (and on more deeply personal levels) to PULL PEOPLE  away from their current ego-influenced, non-divine, human ways of feeling, thinking, believing and acting, and MOVE THEM into more divine ways of thinking and acting which are IN HARMONY WITH CHRIST and the higher aspects of human’s being.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, those who are already quite intimate with God may be among the first to experience deeply personal tribulations (and this pretty regularly), and this is because they are being prepared as DIVINE TEACHERS,  DEMONSTRATORS and COUNSELORS for the world at large. This has to do with the “Raising of the Tabernacle of David.” I’ve written much about that in the past, so I’m not going to get into it here, but I will say that the Creator of absolutely EVERYTHING is restoring to men the ancient pathway to His heart, and David’s Tabernacle represents those who have not only found this pathway, but have given themselves fully to it, without turning from it in the slightest way or looking back.

The short of it is that some of us (as spirits) volunteered to descend from formless higher vibration worlds into this lower conscious, very dense, physical world in order to gain experience and some spiritual expansion, and also to show the rest of human mass consciousness the way to GET FREE from the illusions of 3d and 4d and come into the fullness of Christ. If you dig into the Christian scriptures even superficially, you should find there that David’s Tabernacle symbolically represents this work.