The Bible – Infallible?

I’m going to share with you something that came out in a recent dialogue with a sister. The “infallibility” of the Bible came up, and I was led to share this…

* * * * * *

There is a long history of the corruption of the scriptures, especially from the time of Roman Emperors like Constantine and Justinian through the King James era (a lot of rather sinister messin-around goin on then) and right on to today. Christians want to believe that God has “preserved His Word” in the written text. But this is not how it works. And that is why we are exhorted to “hear what the Spirit has to say” and are admonished to beware of “the letter of the word.”

Translators, laboring under Roman Emperors like Constantine and Justinian and translators laboring under an “institutional church” mentality ever since, have made a pretty good mess of the scriptures. Many Christians today are rather-mean spirited because of the erroneous doctrines that they believe to be true; things which were even PUT INTO the scriptures by mean-spirited people who twisted scripture for their own personal, political, ecclesiastical and even GLOBAL agendas.

“The Word,” by the way, means: “The expression of God’s heart” – “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” This, of course, has nothing to do with the Bible being “the Word.” The Bible IS NOT the Word. It can be though, when the Spirit SPEAKS to us through it over the threshold OF THE SPIRIT. The carnal religious mind that wants to think that all of the black letters on the rice paper page are “divinely inspired” and therefore inerrant, leads one only INTO ERROR and misunderstanding. The Bible is actually designed to work this way (spiritually), believe it or not.

Thank God that we have the Spirit of Truth Who leads us IN ALL TRUTH, despite what men have done to the scriptures. I’m not at all concerned about what they’ve done, because I know the voice of the Spirit – I have an ear to hear what the Spirit has to say, and the Spirit speaks to me – leading me and guiding me constantly and consistently – even THROUGH men’s messed up Bible translations.

Beloved, if you believe that the Bible text is “infallible” and that it represents “indisputable truth,” I encourage you to consider that you believe that BECAUSE MEN HAVE TAUGHT THAT TO YOU and not because THE SPIRIT has revealed that to you. Frankly, I think (know, really) that the “Powers and be” are behind this too. They are such a royal pain in the &%$.