The Bare Bones Of It

The bare bones of it is…

You’ve probably not ever heard it put this way before, but most all of us are here in this world because we need to be, because we are essentially cosmic screw-ups who do not yet qualify for higher dimensions than this and who need to be deeply sanctified by this rather harsh outer-crust dimension of the spirit world.

To get a little more specific; some of us (as spirits) come from worlds and dimensions which were and are much farther along in their progression than Earth, and we are here now because WE made it DIFFICULT for our people to consolidate their hard earned gains of compassion and virtue because of OUR stubbornness and OUR selfishness! Yeah, believe it or not.

What I am saying, beloved, is that there are spirits here on the Earth today because they have been BANISHED (a hard word, I know) from other worlds which were aligned with PERPETUAL HARMONY for the purpose of great and lofty endeavors, THAT BY DIVINE MANDATE many of us have been SENT to this outer-crust of the spirit world to LEARN how to accomplish great conquests of the soul and self through PAIN and through LABORING (in Christ) in this super dense and largely wicked environment. Some of us are also here to give impetus to the PROGRESS of others BY TEACHING THEM about the ways of the spirit world and especially TEACHING THEM HOW NOT TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES THAT WE MADE! (living selfishly, for the most part).

All my life I have felt like an exile here, and the Lord Jesus, full of compassion and mercy, has revealed that this is because I AM AN EXILE HERE! (as are many of you). He has also revealed why some of us are allowed to suffer as we do, and that this too is all part of A DIVINE PLAN AND MISSION designed to not only transform US, but transform this world.