The Apocalypse

Christians today have a tendency of avoiding (Spirit led) critical explanation or interpretation of scripture by pulling verses out of context and then using them as a proof text for something that they believe or want to believe, or by them simply regurgitating dogma as it has been fed to them in the churches for years and years. This surely serves to perpetuate men’s traditions, and it sometimes can set religious arguments ablaze, but it doesn’t do much to lead people into the deep truth of a matter or subject.

I’m not saying here that individual verses won’t speak. There is no limit to the way that God will speak to us. I am also not saying that there aren’t some good things taught in the churches. I am saying though that the scriptures need to be CONSTANTLY REVISITED by us as we are given MORE LIGHT to shine on them. God has provided for us a LIVING WORD that will continually bring forth new and deeper insight and understanding for us IF we are those who have simple, childlike hearts, and ears to hear WHATEVER the Spirit has to say.

We live in the day of THE APOCALYPSE, beloved, which is the day of the disclosure of hidden things. “Apocálypsis” is literally translated from Greek as “the disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.” What usually comes to mind when people hear “Apocalypse” is some sort of frightening “end times” scenario or “end of the world” events. That sort of thing may be taught traditionally in many places, even in many churches, but that is not at all what THE APOCALYPSE is about.