The 6 Dimensions of Being

I find it fascinating that there are some Eastern modalities of energy medicine that recognize that there are 6 (yeah, the number of man) “depths” to the human being, and that it is by way of these “depths” that man remains UNIFIED WITH THE SOURCE of all life. I find this fascinating because the Spirit is also revealing to ME that there are 6 DIMENSIONS OF BEING to the body aspect of men, and I’m going to try and explain to you here just what these “dimensions of being” or “depths” are.

First off, I feel led to say here that these LAYERS of our beings are INTERDEPENDENT in that they all interact with one another. This, beloved, is why I said that the higher aspects of yourself serve as guides for the lower. For lack of a better way of putting this; each vibrational layer of your being provides a foundation for the next higher vibrational layer, and in this way they reveal THE IMPLICIT ORDER OF LIFE and give us insight into the DIVINE INTENTION behind each dimension our our being.

The depths also describe the PROCESS by which energy becomes form, the way that spirit becomes matter, and they show how each step is built upon the preceding step. As I try to describe these depths or layers of our being to you, try to keep in mind that these all represent A STAGE of creation and that we are NEVER SEPARATED from any stage. This is so that even the most diffuse forms of pure energy are still unified with the physical body itself. In other words, each depth INTERACTS with the other depths to sustain and integrate the human experience, and the whole thing together reveals the profound LINK between nonphysical and physical reality, between thought and substance, and between THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING and the individual.

I was going to attempt to briefly explain THE 6 DIMENSIONS OF OUR BEING to you here, and attempt to explain how these all relate to certain spirit world DIMENSIONS and PERSPECTIVES, but, I’m feeling led to stop now. And so, this will have to be continued…