THAT, I am

I’ve been accused in the past of being rather hard on “the Church.” I can see why certain people say this, but it is only because these people still think that modern Christianity is “the Lord’s Church.” It is not. To be quite frank, the majority of Christianity today is a man-made and man-powered thing which is holding a good part of “the Lord’s Church” in captivity. This is why there comes a time in the life of a diligent seeker of God when the Lord says by the Spirit, “Come out of that thing entirely, My beloved, so that you can fully COME TO ME!”

Unfortunately, modern Christianity today has wandered from the rich heritage of a powerful and dynamic spiritual experience, and most of the people in it have become lost in the illusions and ignorance of the dense world, even the dense outer-crust/outer-court Christian world.

Tragically, what is called “Christian” today is but a very poor reflection of the original spiritual experiences and teachings upon which the Christian faith was built, and things that should be looked upon as normal spiritual experience for disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ have become mysterious, strange and spooky to most Christians, the majority of them settling for man-made rules and beliefs based upon men’s interpretations of the scriptures, instead of them living a life that is FREE, though fully wrapped up in, charged with, and fully surrendered to – THE SPIRIT.

Am I a ” Christian”? By today’s definition of what a Christian is, I am definitely NOT a Christian. Am I a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and a servant of the Most High God, and one who labors diligently (as led by the Spirit) on behalf of the Father’s Kingdom?

By God’s grace, THAT, I am.