The Temporal Mis-qualification of Pure Energy

As I have shared, human beings, by design, are co-creators with God, and they have been given this ability to co-create by way of the constant stream of energy which flows from their minds, their hearts and their emotions. This stream of energy, when fully aligned with THE MIND OF CHRIST will continually bring forth the kingdom of God. But man has been given a freewill, and in his separateness material manifestations of God-given energy have now become very corrupt. These corrupt conditions have no permanent reality though, for they are just temporal mis-qualifications of the pure energy of God, in a sense; mirages that have been projected upon the screen of life through the imperfect images that people hold in their minds and their hearts.

For thousands and thousands of years now, dark spiritual forces have attempted to program ALL human beings on this planet to accept the permanency and the inevitability of corrupt conditions. Jesus, in his “sonship” walk, attempted to SHOCK PEOPLE out of this belief in the inevitability of these corrupt conditions (which include disease and other physical abnormalities), yet so few people have truly understood, internalized and accepted his magnificent message.

Truth is; there is NO condition that cannot be changed, and we need to make a valiant and grand effort now to SEE THROUGH THE LIES that tell us otherwise. Again; everything is created from the energy of God, and because energy is vibration, any mistake, any limitation, any imperfect condition can be ERASED by changing the vibration of the energy back to its original purity.

Beloved, the work of “sons” in the coming age is to change the imperfect conditions of man into the perfection of the kingdom of God, and this shall be done by these people making conscious choices to replace imperfect images and corrupt conditions with A HIGHER IMAGE, the true image which comes from God Himself through the Christ Mind.

I may share more on this subject later.