Taking Back the Ark

Beloved, Quantum Physics does not affirm the New Age world view that “everything is God, and is a manifestation of energy, and that energy is God, SO WE ARE ALL GOD,” but rather, it clearly affirms THE CORRECT BIBLICAL VIEW. Christians, for the most part, are still in the dark about this though. I believe with all of my heart that I am being given to share the things that I have lately because the Father wants to ACTIVATE IN YOU AND ME the potential to alter the very fabric of the physical world through the healing ministry of Christ, and He plans on doing this BY TEACHING YOU AND ME how to effectively work within the energetic substructure that the material world is made of. In other words, folks, Jesus operated in the earth by way of laws which SUPERSEDE the laws of the material world, and so shall we.

I have shared in the past that one of the greatest deceptions in the Christian church today is the propagation and proliferation of THE FEAR OF DECEPTION. With regard to the subject at hand, many (if not most) Christians today have a terrible fear of being deceived by things that they don’t understand, so, unfortunately, they are quick to relinquish things that appear different or “spooky” to them to the hands of the Philistines. In this way, beloved (according to the recent word from the Lord), they’ve “given up the Ark.” It’s time to take it back, and bring many people to Christ in the process.