Take Heed

I think that it’s incomprehensible to even most Christians today how there are invisible forces and spiritual influences constantly influencing their life. On the negative side, this influence comes largely from disturbed beings in the spirit realm that lack peace and enlightenment, and they are drawn towards us by way of our bad thoughts, low passions, bad habits and vices.

What this is saying, beloved, is that our negative behavior (low vibrations) ATTRACTS TO US spiritual beings (of like vibration) who seek to dwell in impure vessels since they themselves have not been purified. These are beings without a physical body who, in their confusion, seek the body of others in order to express themselves.

You may want to consider this the next time that you reach for the second or third glass of wine, or give yourself over to the emotions of self pity or jealousy or anger or frustration. With regard to the drinking, as your blood-alcohol level rises your energetic vibration LOWERS and this will draw unto you spirits of lower and lower vibration. This is largely why many people get into trouble or “are not themselves” when under the influence of wine or “spirits.”

I felt to just touch on this subject this morning. I may share more on it later. For now, please understand that the veil between this and other dimensions is thinning and discernment of what is going on all around us is becoming much more apparent to many of us. This is so that we can be far more effective in freeing ourselves and others from the negative influences that contaminate our world.