Stepping Out Of Corruption

I’ve written some things in the recent past about Enoch, death, fear of death, and the resurrection, and I’m just starting to get some idea now (by the Spirit) just why these topics are so important for us to hear about right now.

Beloved, whatever it was that happened to Enoch at the end of his 365 years, I can tell you that it was BY FAITH that he was “taken” into whatever it was that he was taken into. The Scriptures tell us that Enoch “obtained the witness” before God, that before his being “taken” by God HE WAS PLEASING TO HIM. This means that Enoch EXERCISED great faith for without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Now, if what I’m hearing about this is correct, it was not only “before” Enoch’s being “taken” that he exercised very great faith and trust in God, but Enoch actually had to exercise that same great faith and trust in God EVEN AT THE TIME OF HIS BEING “TAKEN.” This has a particular application for us now, friends, and is the reason why those of us who will “attain” to the first resurrection must get free now from all fear and worry, even free from the fear of death and free from our drive to try and save ourselves (self-preservation).

Friends, over the course of many generations, our Father has been preparing a people of great faith to step on into the fullness of the first resurrection. It is only by GREAT FAITH AND TRUST in God that men can be “taken” into the fullness of this though, and because of this the faith of these MUST BE GREATLY TESTED AND TRIED, this right on up to and THEN INTO that blessed and holy resurrection.

I’m sharing this with you now, beloved, because I’m hearing by the Spirit that very many Christians are going to SHRINK BACK in their time of great testing at the end of this age, and this for the most part because of their fear, doubts and worries, them not really TRUSTING GOD to faithfully lead them ON INTO THE UNKNOWN.

Brothers and sisters, I awakened early this morning with a word resonating in my spirit, and this is that God is going to require TREMENDOUS FAITH from us if we are to be among those who shall step fully out of corruption on into the fullness of incorruption.

Now, I’m going to leave you all here to just let you ask the Lord what all of this means for you. Keep in mind with all of this that the Scriptures reveal that many of God’s people are going to look back (and shrink back) at their time of great trial and testing, their hearts revealing that they were never really WILLING TO LEAVE ALL (in faith) to follow the Lamb wherever He might lead them. Some folks WILL do it though, for God always preserves for Himself a remnant, a real LIFE demonstration to others … of THE WISDOM OF THE CROSS.

Bless you.