Spiritually Advancing

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly being reminded (through circumstances) of the ever constant need to practice dying to self, and this (most likely) is because even profound spiritual knowledge is but a DELUSION if self-will and selfish motives are not thoroughly dealt with.

I say “practice” here because dying to self is a CO-OPERATION between us and the One Who knows perfectly how to cut swiftly and deeply into our innermost thoughts and desires exposing in us all that needs to die. We co-operate by SUBMITTING to the work, and also by AGREEING with the Spirit in killing off that which is marked for death.

What this means, beloved, is that DEATH TO SELF IS VOLUNTARY, and that it can only be accomplished in us as far as we allow. Most people vehemently resist self-death, and by doing this they also repel their advancement to Life. Jesus spoke of this matter in Matthew 16:25.

With all of this in mind, I can’t help but think here of how surprised many people are going to be when they get “over there” to find out that the processing that they largely avoided “here” must still be accomplished in them in order for them to spiritually advance. Again, Matthew 16:25 comes to mind.