Spirit of Repentance

It should be obvious to most of us that we (the Church) have slipped away from our first works, not to say that God has stopped working in the realm of the miraculous, but that in spite of what we have seen and experienced of the miraculous we are not (in our present state) able to meet the challenge of the hour. I hope that enough people might soon come to the overwhelming realization of this so that A GENUINE SPIRIT OF REPENTANCE might soon come into the Church’s midst. I firmly believe that this is what must come before there will be great outpouring and revival in the Church.

Beloved, sit yourself among most any church group today and see if you get a sense of the Spirit of Repentance among the people. Such a thing is almost nonexistent today. Sure, you’ll probably hear loads of declarations, proclamations and teachings which attempt to explain why that particular group believes themselves to be the “elect of God” and why they are ready to be “raptured” or be transformed into “the manifested sons of God” at any moment, but you probably will not find a deep, heartfelt, “sackcloth and ashes” type of revival bringing repentance among the people. If you do, then you may want to stick around for a while, for those people are probably being prepped (by God) for something quite tremendous. — D