Some Heavy Morning Musings

It is my understanding that all beings originally existed as spirit (pure mind or consciousness – Genesis 1:26-27), and that all things existed in harmony (though untested and tried) with God before the physical creation. Then, as the process of “the fall” (or the testing) began, individual beings became weary of their union with God and they chose to defect or grow cold in their divine enthusiasm or passion. As their minds cooled toward God, these spirits moved from divine warmth and stepped downward (vibrationally) toward becoming “living souls” in physical embodiment (Genesis 2:7) – them removed from their original state to “Eden,” which was(is) not necessarily spatially located, but rather, which more than likely represents a cosmic and metaphysical event wherein disincarnate consciousness became fettered to physical matter.

Am I saying here that the book of Genesis must be considered allegorically rather than literally? Yes. I am. There are three ways to interpret scripture, beloved; historically (by the letter), morally (by the letter) and spiritually (by the Spirit). Even the Apostle Paul said that it is ONLY the last of these that gives “life.”

To boil this down for you; it is my belief that Genesis 1:26-27 is a distinctly different event from Genesis 2:7, one being the making of spirits and the other being a depiction of the formation of earthy material man. There are quite a few Hebrew scholars who agree with me on this, who insist that the word “man” as it is used in Genesis 1:26-27 is not referring to human beings (after the likeness of Adam) but to spirits made in the likeness of Elohim. As far as I see it, all human beings are spirits that have been lowered into the adamic experience by way of their choices, all alienated from true Spirit-connection until connection with Father is re-established in Christ.

In departing from God, spirits became clothed in bodies, at first ethereal and invisible in nature, but later, as spirits fell even further away, coarser and of a more solid state. The purity and subtleness of the body with which a spirit is enveloped depends upon the moral development and perfection of the spirit to which it is joined. The Apostle Paul wrote of these varying degrees of “subtleness” among the celestial and spiritual bodies in 1 Corinthians chapter 15.

Now, of course, where there is a fall, there must follow the drama of reconciliation through the trials of physical incarnation and through fellowship in/with Christ. By allowing the wisdom and light of God to shine in one’s life through Christ, spirits can swiftly regain their passion and enthusiasm for God’s Kingdom and eventually even leave behind the burden of the 3D body – them regaining complete reconciliation with God by attaining to “the resurrection out from among the dead.” Beloved, the extent and power of God’s love is so great that eventually ALL THINGS will be restored to Him. This is the Gospel.

And so, the journey of vibrationally lowered spirits unto their destined place as/in the Holy Fire of God contains many (potentially) sanctifying episodes in many and various physical bodies. Reincarnation is implicit. There will come a time though when the great defection from God that initiated physical creation will come to an end. All things will eventually become so pure and passionate in their love for God that physical existence will no longer be necessary. It is my understanding that the entire cohesion of creation will come apart then, for matter will be superfluous – unnecessary. The Bible refers to this as “all things made subject to God whereby God becomes All in All” (1 Cor 15:28 ) and as “the restoration of all things” (Acts 3:21).