Signs Following

The Lord often confirms His word with an outward sign or manifestation. He did this today with the word about Jacob’s Ladder. Now, please understand that the passages of scripture about Jacob’s Ladder describe the “aggelos” or messengers of God ascending and descending upon the “son of man.” This is a description of the king/priest ministry, beloved, of the messengers of God ascending a mystical stairway through sacrificial living and deep communion with God whereby they can rise to stand in the holy presence of the Father. This is so that they can HEAR GOD SPEAK regarding earthly situations, to then “descend” as ministers of LIFE in those situations – God’s Kingdom come to the sons of men (those born of women – that’s everybody!).

Dear ones, shortly after sharing on this subject this morning I was led to ride my bike to a nearby State Park, one that I had never been to before. I was led all the way to the very end of the park and then to a plank pathway that led through the woods. When I got to the end of this path, ya want to know what I found? … a wooden stairway that led round and round, up and up, to an observation deck that was way above the canopy of the tropical forest. I spent much time in prayer in this high place, surely a physical depiction of a spiritual reality that I had just shared on!

When I descended from this place, I got a phone call from someone and was able to speak a word to them which then led to a great blessing for them and others, even somewhat of a miracle. I sort of expected this in the light what God was revealing.

Later, I felt to bring Liz to this place in the park. She was quite blessed by it and by what it represented, and then, God stepped it all up with an extra special bonus for us – an EAGLE soaring above the canopy of the woods!

That was surely just another earthly confirmation of the spiritual VISION that is given to those who will ascend.

God is good. Bless ya.