Short Testimony from NY

Although I feel not led to share specific testimonies from the most recent NY trip just now, I do ask for prayer for someone who we met on the trip, her name is Amelie.

Amelie (a French name) is a young girl from Sweden who we met at the youth hostel where we stayed, and she is someone who claims to be trying to “find herself” now. Though Amelie considers herself to be an “Atheist,” the Lord actually had her accompany us for a bit out on the streets of NY where she was a witness to what most Atheists would probably consider to be just “random acts of kindness,” but the Lord assured me that Amelie was not seeing things just that way. No, through living testimonies and the sharing of Truth under the anointing of God, I believe that Amelie was getting a revelation of the light and the love of God as that is seen in the Face of Jesus Christ.

While praying for Amelie just this morning, the Spirit gave witness for me to do a computer search on the phrase “random acts of kindness,” and when I did that my attention was drawn to a link which described a 2001 French film about a young girl who set out to find herself, but rather found that she could profoundly touch and change the lives of other people by performing “random acts of kindness.” This is no coincidence. It is also no coincidence that the girl in the movie was named “Amelie,” the movie even called, “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain” or … “The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain.”

Please, pray for this beloved girl from Sweden, will you? It seems that she has a very interesting and blessed future in store for her.