Senses of Faith

Our five senses belong to the natural man, beloved. They were given to us to be used for the things of this world. Hearing, seeing and smelling (discerning) things by the Spirit are not natural though, they are spiritual, and are to be used in and for a world and a Kingdom which has no end. When we pray, we are not to be double-minded, driven and tossed by the wind and the waves of the natural mind, but we are to act (pray) according to what we have seen, heard or smelled with THE SENSES OF FAITH. To “put off the old man” includes putting off the habit of thinking according to evidence presented to the natural senses. The New Man with the mind of Christ is moved only by the Word, which is the very expression of the Father, and this one resolutely refuses to see, believe, or think of the things that contradict that Word. Beloved, God is preparing sons (expressions of the Word) to be sent to the nations (the people groups of this world), and these people are now being taught experientially that they can count the things that are not as though they are, and they can give God glory in advance of the visible fulfillment of their prayers, them knowing that what God has said to them is true and will come to pass, regardless of what the outward natural circumstances bespeak.



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