Sending Out His Angels

“The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil.” (Matthew 13:41)

I propose to you, beloved, that the recent writings and emphasis on fellowship in Christ’s sufferings and the way of the cross is a part of the above mentioned process. The original Greek word used for “angels” in this verse is “aggelos,” and this can refer to heavenly or earthy messengers. The Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in all the earth, and to this end God is sending out His messengers with a message of how sin and evil is rooted out of His Church BY WAY OF FELLOWSHIP IN CHRIST’S SUFFERINGS – BY WAY OF THE CROSS.

Of course, this message is not nearly as popular as the modern Christian TRIUMPHALIST message about how your average church-goer or “Kingdom” camp groupie shall soon be tremendously and wondrously empowered by the Holy Spirit to go out and perform great miracles for God just because they believe in Jesus or because they have heard some profound teachings about “overcomers” or “the manifested sons.” That message is MAN-EXALTING and is widespread in our land today because IT APPEALS TO PEOPLE WHO DO NOT TRULY DESIRE TO GO THE WAY OF CROSS-CARRYING OBEDIENCE. It appeals to people who love to be pampered and told how wonderful they are and of how they shall soon be given apostolic and prophetic power by God to work wonders and miracles among men. But the truth is; if you or I are going to be used by God in the working of apostolic and prophetic miracles, then the first thing that we need to experience is the severe BREAKING OF SELF and THE HUMBLING which God brings to His apostles and prophets BY WAY OF SUFFERING. THIS is the ONLY way to be one who hears regularly and clearly. THIS is the ONLY way to be of those who are regularly and consistently SENT BY GOD to share a word from His heart with others which is also then CONFIRMED (by the Holy Spirit) with signs and wonders following.

So, you want to be an apostle? To the Corinthians Paul said that he suffered so much that he had “the sentence of death” in himself. You want to be a prophet? Then ask God for the sentence of death in yourself too – ask Him to drag you through whatever hell that you may need to go through so that SELF can be fully killed off in you and CHRIST can then reign over EVERY ASPECT of your being. The apostle Paul was beaten, stoned, shipwrecked and blinded in his eyes. He was thrown in prison and shackled and nearly starved to death – thrown away by men like trash so that he could learn to live ENTIRELY by the Lord’s strength and not his own. Paul said that he also beat/buffeted his body (see note*) in order to bring himself into full submission to Christ, lest by any means, after he had preached deep and wondrous things to others, he himself miss the mark of THE HIGH PRIZE OF GOD in Christ. Tell me, does this sound like your run-of-the-mill preacher today, or even the common kingdom camp pastor/teacher/prophet? It definitely does not.

Now, for a moment, imagine all the congregations of well-fed, comfy and happy, relatively worldly, pew-sitting Christians today being told by preachers and teachers that they are going to be great apostles and “sons of God” sent out by the Spirit with miracle working power to change the world. I tell you, it’s all a bunch of FALSE PROPHET influenced nonsense and delusion. God SHALL bring forth powerfully anointed apostles and prophets again, but He will do it in the way that He always does it, not by way of men’s false teachings and delusional hopes.

Beloved, there shall be NO ONE who will “appear with Christ” (which is “the manifestation of the sons of God”) in the coming Kingdom except from them being FULLY conformed to Christ’s image by way of DEATH to everything in them that is of self. If anyone tells you otherwise, you may try sharing with them the truth that I share with you here, or, you may just wanna walk away.

*(For the sake of certain people, that they not be moved to self-flagellation by way of some sort of strange religious zeal, I’m pretty sure that when Paul said that he “beat his body” in order to bring himself into full submission to Christ, he was not hurting himself. This is more than likely A FIGURE OF SPEECH which depicts tremendous SELF-DENIAL and RESTRAINT from being moved by carnal urges – you may want to think of fasting, and of strong discipline in one’s eating here. So if you’ve dug the whips out of your closet, beloved, you can go ahead and put them away. You don’t need them).