Seeing the Heavens Opened

Something for you to consider…

For the past year or so, I’ve shared quite a bit about the multidimensionality of the spirit world. This letter is a little more about that, it briefly explaining how consensus environments work, while it also touching on the thought responsiveness of realms.

The gist of this, beloved, is that the realms (“mansions”) in Daddy’s House are largely made up of the thought energy of the spirits who inhabit them (this goes for the darkest of realms too, by the way). Even when decent people pass from the physical world through death into the spirit world they usually wind up in consensus environments in dimensions which are not largely different from this physical one.

The (upper) non-physical dimensions of the spirit world are extremely thought responsive (i.e., I think “I’m flying” and therefore I experience flying), but even the more dense (low to mid) realms (where many “decent” people dwell) have environments within them which are created and maintained by the thoughts of groups of individuals. Frankly, I think that this is a merciful way in which the Father helps people to transition and acclimate to a whole new world after physical death. Let me tell you why I say this…

Take the man or the woman who lived in an Asian culture all of their physical life. Do you think that at physical death they immediately wind up in what looks like a Western-American society? Or take (for example) someone who has lived in a Moslem or Hindu society all their physical life. Do you think that at physical death they immediately wind up in an environment that is distinctly Christian looking? Most don’t. Many of them (other than those who are ready for something else, something higher) wind up in thought created (consensus) environments in the spirit world,  environments which are very old and extremely resistant to change, and this until they are ready to move higher vibrationally and thereby move into a greater understanding of the Lord and His Kingdom and the Father’s multidimensional House.

These consensus environments are relatively dense places (as far as the spirit world goes) and are not a whole lot different from our physical world. Is this “heaven”? No. Is this “hell”? No. Think of the lightest brightest white and of the deepest darkest black and all of the shades of white to gray to black in between. This is largely how the spirit world is, beloved, vibrational divisions or categories which are not distinctly marked from one another, but rather which merge into one another by almost imperceptible gradations, the peculiarities of each category gradually shading off into one another at their extremities.

Related to all of this, also consider that even our physical cities and communities here (in the dense earth realm) are examples of consensus energy environments, for they’re all pretty much created and developed according to the thoughts of the inhabitants. Essentially, human thought energy uses biological vehicles to mold and manipulate matter into temporary physical structures. In the slightly less dense realms of the spirit world, community environments are formed in much the same way, but they are largely formed by group thought and not so much by group thought combined with the physical manipulation of material by biological vessels. In the realms above these, we then get away from consensus environments and start to experience realms which are much more changeable and which are more responsive to individual thought energy.

Above that, we get into the realms where thought energy is manifested instantaneously. This instantaneous manifestation of thought energy is one of the reasons why the mind/heart/vibration of a spirit must become purer and purer in order for it to be able to ascend into higher and higher realms of the spirit world, i.e; a dirty mind/heart-vibration would defile the realm, so it is not allowed in.

Above that? Well, not much has been revealed to me yet. What I do know about the highest realms in Father’s House is that the realms get increasingly more spectacular as the vibrational frequency of the realm (and of the inhabitants) increases, and that the upper regions consist of endless waves of pure energy, light and love, and these all progressively lead unto the highest attainable place for us in the spirit world, what I suspect to be – “God the Father, All in All.”