Seeing Christ’s Return

I feel led to touch on something…

It’s somewhat misleading to speak of a “Second Coming” of Christ; of Christ “returning” or “coming again.” Such expressions generally come from people’s misunderstanding of scripture, in this case, passages like that which mentions two angels who appeared to the disciples when they saw Christ going into heaven -when Jesus Christ was “being lifted up,” a cloud taking Him out of their sight. 

At this ascension, the angels became visible to the disciples – standing by them and asking them why they were standing around looking up at the sky. They said, “This Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven (the spirit world), will come in the same way that you saw Him going into heaven” (Acts 1:11). 

Just what does this mean? Well, this is what WE’RE supposed to ask the Spirit, because we will NOT be able to discern what is REALLY being said with OUR NATURAL MINDS (this is largely how the scriptures work, by the way, and why there is so much misunderstanding about SO MANY THINGS in Christendom today – too much natural thinking).

The angels (messengers of God) essentially said to the disciples, “Christ will come in the same way that you saw Him going into heaven. You saw Him going from you, and you will see Him coming to you. You saw Christ’s ascension BY WAY OF YOUR ABILITY TO PERCEIVE SPIRITUAL THINGS, and that is also how you shall perceive His coming to you. YOUR NATURAL EYES CANNOT FOLLOW HIM ANYMORE. So why do you look up into the sky? He has been carried up into HIGHER DIMENSIONS NOW, and it will be by way of your PERCEPTION AND AWARENESS OF THESE HIGHER DIMENSIONS THAT HE WILL AGAIN BE BROUGHT INTO YOUR SIGHT.”

The angels were basically saying that Christ didn’t really go away, beloved, but that He was raised into A DIMENSION which requires SPIRITUAL PERCEPTION AND AWARENESS to see Him. You may want to think about this in the light of what I have shared recently, even about the Apocalypse – “the disclosure of hidden things,” for what we do with revelation from the Spirit greatly effects HOW WE SEE.