Ruling from Zion

Sister Elena has pointed out recently that there is something specific about “the 144,000” which relates to “sons.” I agree. Elena said, “You can also think of 12 as being the number of sonship in that Jacob had 12 sons and so did Jesus. Viewed this way, we can see that the number 144,000 is symbolic of sonship squared multiplied by 1000 (which in itself is symbolic of limitlessness).”

Beloved, in line with this, I also believe that there may be something about “Mt. Zion” which is specific to sons. I can’t help but think this now, in that Mt. Zion was the HIGHEST PLACE in Jerusalem and was the place from which David (as a type of Christ) chose to RULE from. In thinking of this, and even of Zion’s relationship to Jerusalem, my thoughts are also now turning to “sonship” and of how this differs from “brideship.” I say that these are different in that sonship focuses more on THE DISCIPLINE AND SEVERE TRAINING which leads to a wholehearted commitment to the Father and to a place of RULERSHIP, whereas brideship majors more on the intimacy side of one’s relationship with Jesus Christ, rulership in the Kingdom not playing a part.

Now, I’m not saying here that sons do not develop the same intimacy with Jesus Christ that the bride does, but I am saying that I believe that they must GO EVEN HIGHER in their relationship WITH THE FATHER, even as Zion (the place of rulership) was the HIGHEST PLACE in all of the city of Jerusalem. To put this in another way, beloved, if you have attained to (spiritual) Zion then you probably will have also attained to the New Jerusalem, but, to attain to the New Jerusalem is probably not to attain to Zion.

With all of this in mind, (and granted, I am certainly waiting for more clarity on all of this), look at (and prayerfully consider) what Larry Hodges has to say about the “Manchild” and the “woman” of Revelation 12…

“Those having put on their new spiritual body (of the first resurrection) are seen being caught up to God and to His throne in Revelation 12:5. Those who are believers but who have not as yet put on this resurrection body are seen as the woman who must abide in lower regions, in the wilderness, until she is ministered to by those who have found the way in reality. She eventually comes up higher also, but a distinction between the Manchild/Firstfruits Company and those who later follow, should be understood. Even though the “woman” shall later follow the Firstfruits Company into the same fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ, neither she nor any other shall ever attain to the same rank, honor and status as the Sons – as it (sonship) pertains to relationship to the Father! But they shall be fully satisfied.”

Beloved, this seems to be saying that SONS MUST BE PROVEN in a way that the woman/bride of Revelation 12 will not be, and that the bride (or “woman” of Revelation 12) will not be given authority to rule over the nations in the coming age, for that is reserved for SONS.

Of course, all of this brings us right back to our need to ATTAIN to the first resurrection.

Surely, this is all more stuff for us to think (and pray) about.

Bless you.