Ruby Slippers

Yeah, I know, that this sounds a little nuts, but “ruby slippers” has been coming up. I think that God is getting a little playful with us now. He does that sometimes, especially when the message has been heavy. Anyway, I’ve been meditating on these two words and my attention has now been brought to Isaiah 54:12 which says, “I will make your battlements of rubies …”

Now, beloved, “battlements” are defensive structures built for protection. This whole “ruby slipper” thing then seems to speak of protection from harm, even as Dorothy was protected from harm as long as she wore the ruby slippers.

Let me put it another way …

I think that very soon some of us are going to have to endure some very tough trials and tribulation. Please know though that those who remain strong in the faith and who endure (co-operate with the Spirit in) whatever comes their way (all the way unto the goal, or: into the final act – which could even include physical death), they will be “made whole,” in that they will have part in the glory of the first resurrection (that’s HOME, by the way!).

Yeah, this trip “Home” is going to require great perseverance and endurance, beloved, something that will be imparted to many of us (by His grace) as we seek His Face and walk this thing out in the footsteps of Dorothy (Oops!). Sorry, I mean Jesus.

Beloved, Jesus prayed for His disciples to not be taken out of the world (raptured) but to be kept (Gk – tereo – watched over, guarded, and protected) from the wicked witch as they follow the yellow brick road (Oops!) Sorry again. Of course, I mean kept from “the evil one” as they walk in the Spirit. This implies our protection from spiritual harm, not an escape from tribulation or physical harm, not even an escape from physical death. It means that if we will just WALK THIS THING OUT IN FAITH AND OBEDIENCE TO GOD, then we’re gonna get “Home” to Papa.

‘N, of course…”There is no place like Home…”