RISE UP! – Through the Dirt …

I can’t help but think this morning of the time when the Lord told me that He wanted me to live as one who is prostrate on the ground with his mouth in the dirt. This is because it will be those who are lower than the dust of the earth who shall survive the coming battle of the ages and rise to the heights of full-blown Sonship. Sons of God shall surely judge the world in the coming age, but they will do it in humility and with broken hearts that are full of love and compassion for people.

Beloved, we are nearing the time when God will have for Himself a people who will walk the face of the earth in victory and power. Earthly kingdoms shall fall before these. Satanic strongholds will fall before these – God even showing His mighty power and wisdom (in heavenly places) through His Church (Ephesians 3:10).

But before this, beloved, the saints of God are going to be warred against, even worn down and shattered. This will be what might be considered Satan’s final end of the age assault on God’s elect. I also believe that it is God Himself who is enticing Satan for this war on the saints, and this because it is by way of suffering that we will be brought unto perfection and by demonstration of the wisdom of the Cross that the world will be brought unto God.

Beloved, God has continually used Satan to come against His elect for redemptive purposes, and it is clear (to me anyway) that our Father is soon going to bring Satan and his kingdom into a mighty and direct conflict with God’s elect saints. This has already started for some of us. It is important for us to know, though, that the purpose for this conflict is to bring forth a victorious people who will reign (with/as Christ) in God’s millennial Kingdom.

I’ve shared what I have recently with the hope of imparting some vision for what lies ahead for us all, and I do this in order that we don’t stumble and fall away in the battle that is just ahead for us (or even in the events that lead up to the battle). Whatever we go through in the days ahead, beloved, is simply a crucible of tribulation designed by God for our purification unto perfection, something that is needed that we might inherit the kingdom of God as first-fruits unto the Father and to the Lamb.

Dear ones, I feel now to strongly encourage you to travail in prayer for the Lord to not only “clothe you with Himself” but for Him to possess you fully that you might walk in the way of brokenness and humility and utter submission to the Spirit of God in the days ahead. This is the way through to victory in the up and coming battle. The strong and the proud and the stubborn and the selfish are going to fall in the battle. It will be those who live lowly and selflessly and who willingly give themselves for others who shall survive it. But not only that, these shall rise to heights previously unknown by the Church. In and through the battle some will rise to the heights of mature Sonship – “enduring to the end” (even to the end of themselves) and thereby being “saved” (made whole).

So, beloved, let’s not be afraid nor dismayed about the things that lie just ahead for us. We’re really just getting to the good stuff – BY WAY OF THE CROSS! Did any of us really think that it was going to happen in any other way?