Revival Recipe

Beloved in the light of what’s been shared recently about why God allows pain and suffering into our lives, I feel to say here that I have no doubt that God is soon going to bring forth a remnant of overcomers of the same extreme character of obedience to the Father as was demonstrated by Jesus Christ Himself.

That’s quite a tall order, don’t you think?

Just what is it going to take to prepare a people of such an extreme and radical kind?

Just what kind of tearing of self and what kind of anguish and cries in the dark night of the soul must come to those who are to be prepared for a such an extraordinary ministry?

And just who, beloved, is actually willing to go through the intense process of God’s judgment upon their self-life so that utter and absolute death to self might be attained?

Dearest friends in Jesus, this sort of message can certainly cause the flesh to squirm because this word speaks of its (flesh’s) demise and destruction. Personally, I have purposed in my heart to now lay all that I am on the altar of evening (the end of the age) sacrifice that God may (soon) have full use of this vessel.

I have within me a God-planted desire to see REVIVAL come to the Church, the Nation, and the World, and I know that this will not happen until God gets a people who are DEAD to all selfish ways and personal agendas. When He gets that, then the world will get the broken bread and the poured out wine that will REVIVE them! It is then that they will get the greatest demonstration of the wisdom of the Cross that they have ever seen in a people. Beloved, This is how revival will come.

Relating to all of this, the Lord said something to me quite a while back about being “fully broken”. His words to me at the time were, “Son, in order to stand before men as MY representative and in a way that will change the world, you MUST be fully broken.”

My reply to Him back then was, “OK, Lord, then go ahead, fully break me.” That is still my response to Him today, even though the painful work of tearing (self) increases.

Bless you.