Revival of Persecution

(This is a summary of quite a few things that have been shared recently through e-mail. It starts with comments about Revelation chapter 13 and chapter 17)

As far as I see it, the beast “who was” is the Roman Papacy from 538-1798. The beast who “is not” is the dis-empowered Papacy from 1798-1929. The beast who “is to come” is the resurrected Roman Papacy in union with the Jesuit Illuminati from 1929 (time of the Lateral Treaty)-present, and this beast is continually growing in power now and is closely aligned with “the beast with two horns like a lamb” (the US) to make use of its military might for the establishment of a New World Order.

Along these lines…

I propose to you that Jesuits have longed to get full control of Jerusalem, and that they have developed the dispensational ideology held onto by most American Christians today which supports the view of Jerusalem’s restoration prior to Christ’s second coming, and that this has been done FOR THE VERY PURPOSE of sweeping America into the Jesuit agenda.

These people have also developed the pseudo-State of Israel by flooding the land of Israel with non-Israelites who have taken the name of “Israel” to themselves, and they have done this with the intention that through FALSE dispensationalist and futurist and zionist Christian teachings the United States (with support from the State of Israel) would come against Arabic people (Moslem and otherwise) for the Jesuits in the name of protecting “God’s chosen people” and in the name of “divine prophecy.”

Continuing on; even “The War on Terror” (and its 9/11 pretext) seems to have been masterminded in Rome and put into action as a means to accomplish the New World Order. From point to point, dispensationalism, futurism, modern day zionistic political configurations and atrocities like 9/11 have all been the work of secret societies that have their inception in WITCHCRAFT and are made up of people who are well versed in the occult arts AND IN THE MANIPULATION OF THE MINDS AND ACTIONS OF MEN.

I cannot help but say here – WOE unto those who call the “prophetic” teachings of these men orthodox and who invest in their fulfillment as if they fulfill the very will and purposes of God. The architect of this whole eschatological and terrorist mess is THE BEAST of Revelation 17, which is the Papacy and the Jesuit Illuminati combined, and also the False Prophet-United States which promotes this whole delusion and deception politically and especially in its churches.

With regard to Islam, I believe that it is closely related to the “smoke that rose up from the abyss like smoke from a furnace which darkened the sun and the sky” (Rev. 9). This spiritual smoke came forth when “a fallen star” was given the key to the abyss and he opened it.  This release into the earth of  the spirits behind A HUGE CHRIST-LESS RELIGION is without a doubt one of the (WOE) judgments for this world at the end of this age.

What can I say now, beloved, but prepare yourselves. I believe that there is a worldwide REVIVAL OF PERSECUTION coming our way. For weeks and weeks I have shared that it is imperative that we give ourselves fully to the Lord and walk in the way of His Cross. There is no way to prepare for what is coming other than that. That’s it.

By the way, I’ve just been notified that Pope Benedict XVI will resign on Feb. 28 2013 and that the Vatican has confirmed this. This is a big deal. I’ve been expecting to see Pope Benedict XVI soon removed from his position. It is in the news today. It has now happened. Things seem to be moving rather quickly.