Revival in the Midst of Persecution

An event in the natural (in Russia) has stirred me to mention John’s vision of Revelation 9, which begins with reference to a star that fell from heaven to the earth. It is said that this star was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit, and when this pit was opened, smoke rose from it like smoke from a gigantic furnace which blackened the sun and the sky.

I propose to you, beloved, that this “smoke” which darkens humanities skies is representative of satanic teachings that will rise to permeate the earth until it becomes A WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON. This phenomenon shall be the beast of Revelation 17 – the beast “that will come out of the bottomless pit.”

This beast represents a kingdom, beloved, A RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL ENTITY that is made up of deception and delusion and of false teachings which especially exclude Jesus Christ as the only Savior of men and which will probably even become LEGISLATED WORLD DOCTRINE. In other words, dear friends, it is quite probable that our bearing witness to the TRUTH will at some point become ILLEGAL.

You all should be able to see in this how prophecies of a resurrected Middle Ages Beast are going to be fulfilled. The good news is that in the midst of her persecution the (true) Church shall become the manifestation of GOD’S LOVE and the demonstration of THE WISDOM OF THE CROSS that she is supposed to be.

There is an article entitled “Battle Unto Perfection” on this website (in Messages). I encourage you all to read it, as it should serve to better explain all of this.

Bless you. — D