Resonating with the Father

After making a statement about the futility of man trying to create anything on his own, and of His sovereignty over all things having created all things, God then says through Isaiah “I will look to him who trembles at my word”(66:2). I propose to you here, beloved, that this is not merely about shaking in your boots when God speaks to you, but is about you RESONATING or VIBRATING in complete harmony with His energetic expression (His Word). Jesus was the “Word” (the expression of the Father) made flesh. This is because everything that Jesus manifested when on earth was perfectly ENTRAINED to the Word (the Father’s expression), and therefore it was in perfect HARMONY with the will and purposes of the Father.

With this in mind, some of you may want to think about how we manifest what we resonate with. Think about this with regard to spiritual influences, even dark ones. Then think about all of this in the light of “creation groaning in wait for the manifestation of the sons of God.” “Sons of God” resonate perfectly with Father’s vibrations/expressions and are not influenced by lower energetic expressions. Any wonder why creation is “groaning” for this, or why the Father is now teaching us about this stuff?