Remitting of Sins

With regard to this subject, I just shared with a sister that she has the authority to repent on behalf of her husband who often gets very angry and abusive. To do this is a matter of deep heart-felt priestly intercession, really.

I told her to think of Jesus Christ taking the sin of the world upon Himself, and then, with that same heart, to think of her husband, and his bondage to sin, and his pain. I shared with her then that SHE can go before the Throne of Grace and ask for forgiveness for her husband, just as though those things by which he is bound were hers.

I’ve seen this kind of ministry work in very dramatic ways. God is now reminding me of it, for we’re all probably going to have to do a lot of this in the future.

By the way, it appears that the disciple Stephen did this for Saul/Paul (and others) at the time when Stephen was getting stoned. That was surely a turning point (in the spirit) for Saul (and others). This really works … I know (by experience) that it does.

Beloved, can you not see in this how the world will be won BY THE WISDOM OF THE CROSS? We really need to get the revelation of how things (strongholds) break in the spirit realm when those who (from a worldly perspective) should be cursing others instead show love for them, by repenting on behalf of them, by interceding for them before the Father and asking for their forgiveness.

This that I am describing here is perhaps the reason why we are heading into some rather severe persecution. The coming persecution, in a sense, is what will set the stage for genuine priestly intercession that leads to REAL revival.

Let’s put it this way…

There is no Saul out there who cannot be turned into a Paul with a little help from a Stephen.

Think about that.