I have shared that the Bible is the most intense and supernatural of books, in that it is used to cover over the Truth as much as reveal it. What I mean by this is that by divine design, people can find all sorts of things that fit their particular brand of theology, even things that absolutely astound the most brilliant of human minds, and yet these things can be 100 percent wrong!

It is quite amazing, really, to see the things that people uncover in the Bible, even things which seem to be the most profound evidence to believe what these people teach and yet also know that what these folks have found has been given to them according to the idols in their heart. Yeah, it really does work that way. Much of what is taught in the churches today did not come by way of fellowship with the Father in Spirit and Truth, but rather by way of diligent and even some pretty profound intellectual study, study fueled by a human intellect that is at enmity with God.

This (the way of Spirit and Truth) is all about RELATIONSHIP with the Father, beloved,  if you haven’t already noticed.