Reign In The Forecast

Beloved, if you are you feeling compassed about by trouble these days, sorrowful, perplexed, persecuted or cast down, then it is to you, primarily, that I have been writing to of late. The word that I have been sharing lately may seem bitter at first, but if you can endure the first bitter taste of it, the eating of it will become truly sweet and joyful to you as the truth of it gets assimilated by your spirit.

So, do not settle into an attitude of despair or hopelessness, and do not believe that you have been forsaken. In actual truth and in spiritual reality, what you are going through (no matter how bad it might seem to you) is nothing more than a momentary “light affliction” when it is compared to the eternal and glorious substance which is forever being worked into your being.

Our Father is not only shaking the earth but also the heavens of our beings, and this in order to remove the things that can be shaken from us and so that the things that cannot be shaken will remain. Of course, our flesh would prefer to be left alone and to remain in control of whatever is happening in our lives, but GOD (Who is powerfully working in you and me) has another plan, and this is for CHRIST IN YOU AND CHRIST IN ME TO FULLY REIGN IN US.

On a slightly different (but related) note, I feel to mention Elijah here, especially of how Elijah rebuilt the altar of evening sacrifice and then THE FIRE fell. The prophets of Baal did their dance (even as the religionists of our day are doing theirs), but the Lord God did not answer them as He did Elijah. Essentially, Elijah prayed and God answered BY FIRE, and for us this represents the prophetic word, the acceptable sacrifice and the baptism of this new day which shall utterly transform us.

We have been told that a time would come when the Lord Jesus would baptize us in fire and that this is for the purpose of reconciling EVERY part of our personality to the Presence and will of the Father. It seems to me that this baptism comes when we’re ready for it, when we’re ready to ENDURE as we need to and ready to CO-OPERATE WITH THE SPIRIT as we ought to in the fiery dealings, probings and testings of our hearts.