Reckoning the Old Man Dead

Beloved, the time of our judgment is a time for us to rejoice, for “saviors on Zion” must themselves be judged before they can be given authority to “rule over the nations.” With regard to this, WE are told to judge the authority of that carnal fleshly man IN US. This is a matter of the Spirit of Christ within us judging the carnal nature that Christ nailed to the cross. This process of judgment is OUR ACT of “reckoning the old man dead.” The epistles are full of divine instruction as to how this is done, but let me just say here that if we will just recognize and then admit to/confess that which is in us and is DARK, renounce it, denounce it, and then submit it to God for further dealing, not only will the darkness in us be turned to light, but THE SPIRITUAL INFLUENCES that have gained access through that darkness and have served to reinforce ungodliness in us will also be dealt with.

I was thinking last night of a passage of scripture that bespeaks of powerful and wicked spirits that have been chained in Tartarus since the days of Noah but which are to be released for “the judgment of the end of the age.” I don’t believe that this passage of scripture is saying that these spirits are to be judged in the end of the age, but rather that they are PART OF THE PROCESS OF JUDGMENT in the end of the age, in particular, the Church’s judgment. What I mean by this is that the Church is now (by divine design) being subjected to greater and more wicked spiritual influences than ever and this for the purpose of SQUEEZING OR FORCING OUT certain things in people which would not be brought out otherwise. This is so that these (dark) things can be DEALT WITH PERMANENTLY (as led by the Spirit) and not just suppressed or put away somewhere, always lurking within the character of the person.