Reading the White

(Unknown Author)

While in the process of writing about how certain truths are SEALED to believers until the time when the Lord opens them, this came in from a sister. This is an excerpt from something that she just read. This is surely a confirmation of what has been put on my heart just recently, something that I will soon share on.

* * * * * * * * *

Many years ago, I was in the middle of a very busy business day, about to enter a printing shop when I saw a homeless person come to the door of my car. I knew he was going to ask me for money.

Under my breath I said, “Lord, please don’t put him in my life right now. I am too busy.” What a stupid thing to say! Of course the Lord put him in my life.

He was a chronic alcoholic who lived under a bridge and often found himself in trouble. He had no teeth. One of his relatives had them all pulled, but never got around to getting him dentures. Although he was in his 50’s, his mental abilities were that of a child.

I ended up spending several weeks trying to get him help with his alcoholic problem and other serious needs. The experience showed me how ineffective our social service programs for helping alcoholics are. At one point during these few weeks, I took him to a minister in hopes of having him delivered of unclean spirits. We commanded everything under the sun to come out of him, but he just stared at us, annoyed. We began to quote various Scriptures to him. We hoped “the word of God,” (King James Authorized Version, of course) would set him free. We tried binding and loosing – everything we could think of. Getting a little irritated with our zealousness, pointing to the Bible in my hand, he said to me, “Did you ever read the @#^*?” As I mentioned already, he had no teeth and I often did not understand what he was saying. I told him I didn’t understand so he repeated himself. I still didn’t understand. He repeated, “Did you ever read the @#^*?!” He was angrily poking the open pages of my Bible with his index finger. Finally, I made out what he was saying. He said, “Did you ever read the white?!” Instantly, those words pierced me with the divine revelation behind his words. Light broke through. Could I read between the lines. The words on pages of a book are black marks on white pages. When we read, we only look at the black ink, but the ink is actually on a white page. Each black letter was surrounded by white. It was the large white page that carried the small black letters. Could I see beyond the black ink — beyond — “it is written!?” “THE LETTER KILLS, IT IS THE SPIRIT THAT GIVES LIFE!” (2 Cor. 3:6) Could I read by the Holy Spirit? Could I go beyond the literal word and REALLY get the meaning? That is what this drunk sage was trying to tell me.

The words “I love you” for example can have many different meanings depending upon who said them, at what time and to whom, and for what purpose. True meaning goes far beyond the actual spoken or written word.. This article is about learning to go beyond the “It is written” Church mentality which has brought legalism, fundamentalism and many other isms which have prevented us, His people, from moving into the Spirit of His Holy Word. There are many forces in this world arrayed against God’s people to prevent us from entering into our inheritance. Bible translating and interpreting has been an area in which the devil has had a field day. In the coming years, this is going to change. Get ready for a mighty outpouring of revelation that will truly set His people free that we may go into the world and into creation itself to set it free from its bondage to corruption. We need to get free to love with His love first.

My drunken friend ended up dying of alcoholism. Before knowing the Lord, I swore I’d never go to a funeral. (Dumb again.) His family asked me to preach his eulogy. Before he died he told me that one time he went to heaven. Somehow, I believe him. After all, where else can one learn to read the white?