Beloved, it is the work of the Holy Spirit to teach us ALL THINGS and to bring ALL THINGS to our remembrance, and because of this we are now being RE-MINDED that there is A KINGDOM WITHIN US – that there are (at least) 5 dimensions that exist WITHIN US, are a portion OF US, and emanate out from our 3d bodies.

In other words, Folks, the Holy Spirit is causing many of us to now REMEMBER that we are vessels that have been FILLED with our own multidimensional universe, and as we WAKE UP to this, we can also be intimately and experientially MADE AWARE of the beautiful integration and interaction between the various depths of our own being (Wow! – talk about being WONDER-FULLY made!).

Of course, to the natural minded, the things that I have been sharing of late can seem quite lofty or strange. To the religious minded this will all probably seem totally nuts! But to the RE-MINDED, this resonates within AS TRUTH because this resonates with AN ASPECT OF BEING who already knows all of this stuff.